The roots of the ears are so powerful that you have written yourself into the novel?

Speaking of the great god writers in Xianxia novels, most readers think of the two great god writers Wang yu and Er gen. After all, at the moment, there are not many immortal writers who can have super popularity. Ergen Yu Wangyu is undoubtedly the two most outstanding representatives among these great writers. One is to become famous on the Internet by virtue of "The Legend of Mortal Cultivation", the other is to make gods in one fell swoop by "Xianni", the fame of the two people is somewhat similar!

In the past, there were many great writers in Xianxia novels, such as Xiao Qianda, Xiao Ding, the wild fox under the tree, the wandering toad, etc., but unfortunately, they are no longer glorious now. The big waves scouring the sand can be remembered by readers, and there are actually not many people left!


Among all the Xianxia writers, the two writers I admire more, one is Yue Qianshou and the other is Er gen!

The earliest focus on Ergen began with "Xianni". This fairy-xia novel, I really loved it back then. Many sections in the book are still fresh in my memory...

When Huo Fenguo and Li Muwan met for the first time, they said to Li Muwan in Xiu Mohai: "I will take you to kill", in order to resurrect Li Muwan, he will change his fate!


In order to take revenge, slaughter everyone in the Teng family, pave the way with blood, build bridges with bones, just to pay tribute to the spirit of the parents in the sky! In order to achieve the position of transforming the gods, experience for decades in the red dust, transforming the gods into the mortal first, tempering the Taoist heart, and comprehending the morality of life from the fall of rain!

Throughout the book "Xianni", there are countless classic fragments, some are plain, there are also transitions, there are passions, and there are moving, and it is this way that "Xianni" has become an indelible classic on the Internet!

After that, I will watch every book of Ergen. The ending of "Pray for Demons" is even more impressive. This book begins with depression and ends with depression. Su Ming turns into the world and saves To the world. Reading this book, I will often reflect on a question, what exactly is Su Ming looking for in his life? Is it Tao? what is this else? No one can make it clear, and I guess Ergen himself can't make it clear. This kind of reflection is precisely the most successful part of this book. How many novels can online literature achieve this level?

So "Making the Devil" is the pinnacle of Ergen, and "Xianni" is the classic of Ergen!


As for the next two novels, "I Shall Seal the Heavens" and "A Will Eternal", I won’t introduce more. When I first saw "I Shall Seal the Heavens", the main reason was that I wanted to include it in this book. Find the shadows of "Xianni" and "Making the Devil"!

Meng Hao misinterpreted the demon, and Xu Qing's tear made him sober. That proud Chu Yuyan had some Li Qianmei's shadow on her body!

Today, Ergen's new book "A World Worth Protecting" has officially met with readers. This fairy-xia novel, before it was released, has attracted a large number of readers' attention. After all, Ergen's popularity is there!

This book has only been updated in just a few chapters, the number of hits has reached hundreds of thousands, and the brilliant trend is becoming more and more obvious!


Ergen’s new book is similar in style to "A Will Eternal". The front is still a bit dark and funny. The protagonist Wang Baole,

I have to say that the name is really casual, even more casual than Bai Xiaochun!

Wang Baole is a typical fat man, and he is still crying and crying to lose weight. He has a dark belly, funny, a little shameless, and a little shameless!

When I first saw Wang Baole, my first impression was, isn’t this person talking about himself? I am a little fat and want to lose weight. That shameless image is exactly the same as the ear roots. The ear roots have written themselves in the new book!


Regarding this point, I am not the only one who thinks this way. Many readers have responded that Ergen is writing myself into the new book. This book should not be called "A World Worth Protecting", it should be called "Ear fat and weight loss." pass"!

Well, today’s excitement ends here, don’t forget to pay attention to me, my name is Panda Novel