Three-body super science fiction weapon in the universe, which one do you think can be achieved?

Today, Panda takes a look at the sci-fi weapons that appeared in the three-body, as a representative of hard sci-fi. Many weapon ideas are inferred based on today's technology, so which of the following weapons do you think is most likely to be realized?

1. Flying Edge


Only one high-strength nanomaterial, which is 1% the size of a human hair, can lift a large truck. Extremely hard but invisible to the naked eye. In the novel, only a row of flying blades is used to block the waterway that a cruise ship passes by, and the entire cruise ship is cut into pieces! Horror.....

2. Thought Stamp


Thought is the greatest source of power that determines the power of a weapon. So the purpose of this device is to carve an unbreakable belief in the human brain. Even absurd beliefs will make people believe. For example: water is poisonous. After being stamped, this person dare not drink any water! Changing one's mind is equal to changing one's soul!

3. Infrasonic nuclear bomb


High-efficiency weapon for killing people in space! High-frequency infrasound waves are harmless to spacecraft equipment, but they can make the human body unbearable at this frequency. In some cases, the internal organs are displaced, and in severe cases, the human body will explode and die. And nuclear bomb-level infrasound waves are conducted through the metal shell of the spacecraft, which can instantly turn all the creatures inside the spacecraft into a terrifying blood mist...

4. Antimatter bullets

In the future, there will be no need for high-end weapons such as laser guns and laser guns. Just bring an ordinary rifle and bullets, and install anti-matter at the warhead. A few ordinary soldiers can contend with a legion! It is said that an antimatter bullet can directly destroy a town. It is tantamount to miniaturizing the atomic bomb.

5. Electromagnetic gun


Through the clustering of steel balls, a warhead weighing tens of kilograms can be poured at a speed of more than 100 kilometers per second in an instant! In the blink of an eye, a mountain disappeared.

However, these earth weapons are just like toys when compared with alien technology. They are simply not worth mentioning:

6. Tomoko


The protons in the three bodies are so tiny that they are invisible to the naked eye. The technology that can lock the earth for hundreds of years cannot move with just a few. In the end, Trisolaran has developed "Sophon", an artificial intelligence in the image of a Japanese warrior controlled by protons. Can instantly spread the news to the Trisolaran world a few light years away. Through this sophon, the entire earth was plunged into disaster. But in the end, it saved a "Virgin Mary". It destroyed the entire universe!

7. Strong interaction


The molecules in the substance are forcibly combined together, unable to move, and become the world's hardest strong interaction weapon! When you look at any substance in the world with a microscope of tens of millions of times, you can see the uneven particle distribution. But seeing the "water droplets" made by the Trisolaran, it is still as smooth as a mirror. This kind of hard weapon destroyed the entire space warship of the earth by relying only on the most primitive impact.

8. Light particles


The attack method of advanced civilization is always so simple and rude. Only one light particle was emitted, and the Trisolaran star was destroyed and the Trisolaran world was destroyed. The Trisolaran civilization, which is countless times more technologically than the earth, has a fate of being killed by a spike after encountering a more powerful civilization.

9. Two-way foil

"Two-way foil" is like a fly swatter, which instantly takes a two-dimensional picture of the solar system in a three-dimensional space. Once this weapon is used, it will not stop, and eventually the entire universe will fall to a lower dimension. It was a fratricidal attack.

10. Return to zero


They did not show any powerful weapons. It just calls on the higher civilizations in the universe to return the cosmic matter to prevent the uncontrollable "entropy increase" from causing the universe to expand to death. The meaning of the Zero is to bring the universe back to the pastoral era and to the higher eleven dimensions. I am afraid that when the time comes, the "War of the Gods" will begin again.

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