"The Sacred Ruins" I think the biggest foreshadowing is the evolutionary setting in the novel!

Hello everyone, today Panda is going to talk about Chendong's novel "The Sacred Ruins". Of course, readers who can see it are believed to be friends who like Chendong and Chendong's work "Sacred Ruins". I have read online articles for almost ten years. Chen Dong is one of Panda’s favorite writers. I believe anyone who likes Chen Dong’s novels should have read all the novels written by Chen Dong. Among all Chendong's novels, Panda likes Chendong's "The Tomb of the Gods" the most. Which one of Chendong's works do you like? I guess it's "Zhetian"


Okay, let's not talk more nonsense. What I'm going to talk about today is the evolutionary setting in "The Sacred Ruins". Panda thinks this may be the biggest foreshadowing in "The Sacred Ruins". Do you know why the protagonist Chu Feng didn't eat spirit fruits to awaken and evolve himself in the first place?

At the beginning of the novel "The Sacred Ruins", the earth's spiritual energy is revived, and various mutant spirit fruits appear in the world. Humans and various creatures can cultivate and evolve. In the initial stage, whether humans or other creatures, eating spiritual fruit or evolving through pollen as a catalyst, they will awaken various abilities. Some humans grow wings, grow horns on their heads, grow tails of various creatures, and so on. Change. In the original text of the novel, Chu Feng and Zhou Quan obtained a spiritual fruit, and they also knew that after eating it, they would mutate their body. Later, Zhou Quan had horns on their heads after eating. Because of the scalper, Chu Feng did not awaken from eating spirit fruit, but instead used pollen as a catalyst to evolve himself.


In the content at the end of the novel, facts prove that directly eating the spirit fruit will make oneself mutate. Take the protagonist as an example. In the early stage, Chu Feng did not use the spirit fruit to cultivate and evolve, but instead used pollen as a catalyst to cultivate and evolve. A black and white grinding disc appeared in his body behind, and Chu Feng only started to eat the spirit fruit, but the general spirit fruit was eaten. Afterwards, they will be purified by a small black and white grinding plate, and the only mutation is that after eating an unknown spirit fruit, the bloodline becomes the bloodline of the King of Humanity.


Then, after the protagonist Chu Feng entered the Yang room, his body should have gone through another purification, and some of the evolutionary ills that had been in the past were also purified, and he was over again. First of all, there is the Daewoo-class in the depths of the Great Abyss of the Little Underworld. He was definitely upgraded with some genius treasures such as spirit fruit. Therefore, when describing it, he was a creature with unknown creatures, not a human being. Secondly, the Master of Menggu Dao that Chu Feng saw in Yangjian's Great Dream Pure Land is also a strange creature. His prototype should also be a human being, an incredible mutation that occurred during his evolution. He should have entered reincarnation for a certain purpose.

Do you agree with me?

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