I strongly recommend three classic fantasy novels to book fans

Today Panda recommends three classic fantasy novels to everyone. Back then, countless people would read them when they stayed up all night. The content of each novel is extremely exciting.

First book: "Peerless Martial God"

Author:Jing Wu Hen


Introduction: The novel tells the story of the protagonist Lin Feng's journey to Jiuxiao Continent, where he travels through the world of martial arts, stepping on the nine heavens, breaking the sky, proud of the sky, and dominating the martial arts. On the Nine Heavens Continent, martial arts are respected, the weak are mediocre and bullied, and the strong are angry and blood flowed into rivers! Lin Feng, a strong man of a generation, traveled through other worlds and was born against the sky. A pot of dirty wine, a song of sentiment, a life full of arrogance! Heroes travel the world with their swords, and their heroic sentiments are stained with blood!

The second book:《Dominating Sword Immortal

Author:Jian You Tai Xu


Introduction: The work tells the story of Ye Chen, a child of a big family who has turned from mediocrity to genius due to a strange change. Not only can he remember his eyes, he has a keen perception, and his comprehension goes straight to the sky, becoming a monster-like existence. The fierce fierce duel, the collision of top talents, martial arts is no longer limited to the mortal world, but can also turn the river and the sea into the sky.

The third book:《God Emperor

Author:Flying Fish


Introduction: The novel mainly tells the story of Emperor Ming’s son Zhang Ruochen being killed by his fiancee Chi Yao 800 years after being reborn, fighting against the calamity and saving the universe. Eight hundred years ago, Zhang Ruochen, the son of Emperor Ming, was killed by his fiancee, Princess Chi Yao, and a generation of Tianjiao died. Eight hundred years later, Zhang Ruochen came alive again, only to discover that the fiancee who had killed him had unified the Kunlun Realm and opened up the first central empire, known as the "Queen of Chi Yao". Empress Chi Yao ruled the world, with power in all directions; youth stays forever, immortal and immortal. Zhang Ruochen stood outside the ancestral halls of the emperors, looking at the statue of Empress Chi Yao, a raging flame of hatred was burning in his heart, "When I rebuild for thirteen years, I dare to call the empress down to the Yellow Spring."

Finally I hope you like these books as much as I do

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