Lord-level monsters currently appearing in the anime Swallowed Star!

The animation "Swallowed Star" has been on the air for a while, and those who have watched it and even like it are definitely looking forward to the update every Sunday! To say that in recent years, the development momentum of animation has been regarded as the leader of all walks of life, but The only shortcoming is that the update is too slow. Of course, this is also recognized. I hope that in addition to the rapid rise in quality of animation, the speed will be even higher! The following Panda will introduce you to the lord-level monsters that have appeared in the anime plot of "Swallowed Star" since the beginning of the broadcast. I hope everyone will support you!

1. Giant Rock Black Bear


The giant rock black bear, a junior lord-level monster, is very powerful, and its moving speed can even reach the speed of sound. Its hard skin like a rock covers the whole body, and its defense is extremely terrifying. The Giant Rock Black Bear is the last lord monster Luo Feng will challenge when he is about to enter the elite training camp. At that time, even though Luo Feng's strength had reached the level of the junior warlord level, and his mental power was two levels higher than that of the ordinary warrior, that is, the senior warrior level, he still couldn't easily defeat the giant rock black bear.

Since Yang Hui was also responsible for recruiting students, the time was tight, Special Commissioner Yang Hui stopped watching the battle, and shot himself, and instantly dropped the Giant Rock Black Bear in seconds. It can be seen that the lord-level monsters have to be dealt with by the powerhouses at the God-of-War level.

2. Firescale Trident Pig


Firescale Trident Pig, a junior lord-level monster. As the name suggests, its whole body is covered with red scales, its head is also very large, with three pointed horns on top of its head, and it is bloodthirsty and murderous. It is extremely fierce and ranks first among pig monsters. In addition, it is still under the iron armored dragon. When the two gods of war, Wang Tong and Li Kan, were looking for the iron armored dragon egg,

The Firescale Trident Pig played an important role. It entangled the two gods of war and bought time for the iron armored dragon to return to the lair, but in the end it could not escape the end of being killed by the two gods of war. On the whole, the strength of the Firescale Trident Pig is not bad, and it is estimated that it is difficult for the general warrior to deal with it.

3. Iron Ankylosaurus


Iron armored dragon, the pinnacle of the high lord level, can be comparable to the king level monster. It is an extremely special and rare monster race, and it is the strongest monster that has appeared in anime plots so far. In addition, its stature is huge, its height is five meters, its length plus tail length reach more than 20 meters, and its whole body is covered with cyan scales. It not only possesses terrifying power, speed and defense, but also has a few ideological consciousness. Nearly perfect. When the two gods of war, Wang Tong and Li Kan, fought against the iron armored dragon, Luo Feng smoothly lurked into the iron armored dragon's nest and successfully stole the dragon egg.

Afterwards, the iron armored dragon found Luo Feng and pursued revenge wildly. Although Luo Feng was not strong enough to fight the iron armored dragon at the time (the iron armored dragon was still in a wounded state), he still had the ability to escape. In this way, Luo Feng successfully escaped from the iron armored dragon with the dragon egg.

The above is the lord-level monster that appeared in the anime plot of "Swallowed Star" since its inception.

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