The heroes in the novel who are invincible in the world, how many do you know?

Today, let’s talk about those invincible protagonists in the novel, and see if there is anything you know. Welcome everyone to discuss or express your views.

First Li Qiye


Li Qiye is the male protagonist of "Emperor Hegemony" and has become one of the most powerful male protagonists in the history of fantasy so far.

His strength comes from his background and strength. He was born in a yin crow, and when he was transformed into a yin crow, he had personally experienced the destruction of many epochs.

After resurrection and rebirth, his strength has been further improved, and the immortal king, the great emperor, and all the realms are vulnerable to a blow in front of him.

In addition to being strong in strength, Li Qiye's strength is also reflected in his ability to act as a force. His ability to act as a force across the world makes him invincible in the world.

The second Huangtian emperor


Huang Tiandi is the male protagonist in "Perfect World" and the most popular male protagonist in all fantasy novels.


Huang Tiandi's strength stems from his history of warfare. Since he embarked on the road of cultivation, the battle for him has never stopped.

Deprived of the supreme bone since he was a child, Huang Tiandi gave all his miserable life to the battle, and the tireless fighting state allowed him to reach the peak step by step.

In the end Huangtian emperor turned himself into great freedom, arbitrarily forever!

He once said: The enemy who is defeated in my hands will never be regarded as an opponent by me. I will give you time to catch up until you can't see it in the distance.

The third Qin Mu


Qin Mu is the male protagonist in "Tales of Herding Gods", he is a young man who walked out of the big market.


He entered Taoism with the mortal body and guarded the ancestral court for 3.5 billion years. In order to solve the problem of the dying of the universe, he returned to the first era of the universe's destruction, spanning hundreds of billions of years to explore the mysteries of the universe.

After the destruction of 16 epochs, Qin Mu finally mastered the ultimate mystery of chaos enlightenment.

Finally, in a dark place, across the long river of time, become a faun...

Fourth place ancient dust and sand


Gu Chensha is the actor in "Dragon Talisman" and has the title of the strongest actor in the post bar.

He was born in the imperial dynasty since he was a child. His father, Gu Tatian, conquered all sects of cultivation and included all these sects in the court's territory.

The experience and vision of the teenager gave Gu Chensha a strong desire for cultivation. After stepping into the realm of comprehension, he sings forward, reaching a realm that the universe cannot recognize.

In the words of the book, the realm he reached is unspeakable. He is both immortal and non-immortal. All beings are him and he is also a being. All beings are not him, and he is also not a being.

The destruction of the universe is all within a single thought, and the world is vicissitudes of life, but the realm of ancient dust and sand is always invincible.

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