The sci-fi poems in the "Three-Body" novel are romantic and full of insights


When it comes to "Three-Body", most people will think of a poem: To eliminate human tyranny, the world belongs to the three-body. So, what other poems are in this sci-fi divine work? Let's appreciate it together.

1. Red Bank

The sound waves dangled in the dust solitary intermittently, and there was nothing in the sky. The ridge locks the cold and the deep habitation, and the branches and the dark clouds cover the stars. The red banners abandoned the wall to worship in the spring, and the flames of Xuan Sui Yuan began to wither. To go to the emptiness and seal the iron, light-year-old ships cast soldiers amulet.

* Four years after Ye Wenjie entered the Red Bank Base

Second, the personal computer

Enclose the terracotta warriors to pass the secret key, and the black and white from the square flag are waved together. Long-term storage or three-dimensional storage, never return to the shape of a thousand powers. Ripples ignited and the stars scattered, Chen Hui analyzed the dreams. Fly marks scorch mountains and rivers, mottled vacuum, absurdity and nonsense.

* The second level of the three-body game


3. Operation Guzheng

Mu Fan's floating shadow is as huge as a mountain, and the flying blade condenses the string uniquely. A thousand years of cold touch shot Lu Zhen. Reverse lead Shuangque squatting in Jintan. The silver light leaping axis is off the armor, and the whale wave sells the emblem and the purple orchid. The broken skeletons connected to the stars in an instant, and the dust was fascinating in the wild.

* "Judgment Day" was destroyed


Four, one-dimensional silk

The huge pendulum stone stele bears on Zhou Yu, and the red wings span thousands of dimensions. Floating light erodes micro atoms, and the cross shape is charming. I didn't feel the silver velvet waterfall in chaos, but I was in a mirror-like posture. The iris is changing and the stars are surging, and the dense rain is constantly floating and dripping.

* Sophon Engineering

Five, ice lake

Jiong night travels to resist the darkness, and stars and stars appear in the ice lake. My thoughts are as cold as electricity, and the dark blue is hidden in the bottle. The sorrowful scenes of different scenes rang out, and the whale stunned the feathers and Xilong listened. Tianxin chaos surrounds the knife ruler, and the long wind cannot stop breaking the crossbow.

* Wallfacer Luo Ji becomes his own wallbreaker

Six, underground city

The digging chamber forms a city with a blue formation, with heavy branches and leaves curled up toward the body. Xichang's microtubules relieve pupils, and the red turn to the screen is new forever. Xuan halberd cuts the edges and spring has a blade, and the golden crow holds a curse to night without patrol. The butterfly splitter mirrors the air filter, that is, I return to thinking and breaking the dust.

* In 205 years of crisis, the Trisolaran fleet is 2.10 light-years away from the solar system


Seven, doomsday war

The orange flames of the sudden wave are like a cloud, and the dense array of thousands of lines changes intently. Suspicious ruler slips are shot slightly, and the drama melts the silver tears and thinks wrongly. The star fading whale market lined up, and the narrow angles pierced the night light. The gloomy light in the crevices is cold, and the deep sea is still lonely.

* Water droplets attack the combined fleet, destroying all human space forces


Eight, four-dimensional fragments

The porthole wall is now sparsely rounded, and the liquid pipe is flowing to look at the edge of the mirror. Fold the mustard seeds, separate the valves and limbs. Wayu lost the same dimension to the sea, and the Lord of the Rings sealed the Yiduqian. Move the warped point square inch, how stunned the colorful soap bubble.

* Four-dimensional fragments are found on the "Blue Space", Guan Yifan talks to the "Lord of the Rings"


Nine, fairy tales

The fins and blades are in the gluttonous sea, and the portrait of the emperor is stunned. Yuanlong bones whirl the umbrella, cloud foam light boat cold moon hairpin. The song of the prisoner in the black domain is also slow, and it is hard to find those with endless starring. The diffidence of the horizon is like boiling light, and the dimension is deeply curled up as a proverb.

* Yun Tianming tells Cheng Xin three fairy tales, hiding the message of saving human civilization


10. The Earth Museum

The square stele relies on the cold to distinguish the spring and autumn, and the hallway floats the light to shoot far away. The sword bearer returns to the old ruins, but Rousseau's torch is not worried. The micro-string fades into the star and the moon, and the flying foil can pour the snow and reflect the fur. Chubi can survive the floating seal, and toss the bottle to remember the gentleness.

1. * 67 years of bunker era, Pluto

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