Common sense errors that often appear in online novels

As a senior bookworm, I really want to say that there are a lot of common sense errors in the current online articles, whether it is the works of great gods or the authors of the street, there will be more or less common sense errors.

The first one is fantasy novels. In fantasy novels, there is often a contrast between distance and speed, but sometimes when you think about it, this setting is very speechless. For example, there is a passage in "Eat the Stars" in which I eat tomatoes: A huge giant is flying at an astonishing speed. Its feet alone are [100 million light years] long and reach a speed of [ 100 million times the speed of light]. The giant crashed into a spaceship of comparable magnitude and speed, scaring the protagonist and a group of gods to death. This giant has only flew a distance of one footstep after flying for 100 million years?


The second one is magic novels. Magic novels generally show various kinds of magic, such as fire magic, water magic, etc. However, what does this water or ice magic mean? Which temperature unit?

The third one is Tanmei novels. Are the Zhenger Bajing Tanmei novels badly written like "The Master of the Demon Dao"? Do you have to write about boys? I also came up with all kinds of lubrication methods, and even the old godmothers have used them. Is this kidding me? I just want to say that Tanmei is a story of the love of two men, not a story of a man and a girl, or a story of a man and another man who can have children!


Fourth, Gong Dou novels. I rarely read this kind of novels, but I still have to complain about one thing. According to the legend, all kinds of musk or incense are made into sachets and the like to give to others, secretly sterilizing others. Then the heroine found out that she could continue to be pregnant if she lost it. is this real? Does Durex have a future?

Fifth, historical overhead novels. Those who directly call the emperor Taizong or Xuanzong are really not afraid of being hacked to death directly? Is the coarse salt filtered really refined salt?


Of course, with so many online novels, it is normal to have some mistakes, but I really want to say: It is really not a bad thing to use more brains when writing!

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