After 9 years of serialization, "Martial Peak" is finally over, are you still chasing it?

For an old bookworm who has been reading for many years, he must be familiar with the novel "Martial Peak". Although the popularity of this novel is not very high, it was a popular work that has dominated the charts for many years.


"Martial Peak" is a fantasy novel. The story mainly tells the story of Yang Kai, a disciple of the Lingxiao Pavilion trial and a sweeping servant, a proper waste wood, accidentally obtained a wordless black book, and then set foot on the long martial arts. The road of waste wood counterattack.


The plot is an old-fashioned counterattack routine of waste wood, which is now very old, but it was very popular back then. In addition, the author Momo's writing skills are very good, the writing is smooth, the plot is fast, and there are many refreshing points, so it is a fantastic and cool article that can be called a fine quality.

Back then, "The Peak of Martial Arts" can be said to be one of the hottest novels on the Internet. It has long occupied the forefront of the list of online novels, and there are many people who chase after it. But after the novel became popular, the author has never finished. The map has changed a few waves, the routines are repeated and repeated, and the plot has become more and more watery.


It has been more than 9 years since it was published in 2012, and it is still being serialized. The word count of this novel has reached more than 18 million words, which is the most word count in the entire online literature world.

However, recently the author has issued an announcement stating that "The Peak of Martial Arts" will end at the end of September, and many netizens have said that it has finally waited for this day.

It has been serialized for 9 years, from the fantasy work that was popular on the Internet, to the old lady's footwear that has become countless readers' complaints. It is smelly and long. The word-of-mouth of "Martial Peak" continues to decline, and its popularity is also not as good as before. After all, in 9 years, not all readers have so much patience. Those who have been able to catch up to the present are definitely true fans, and they are definitely ruthless people.


Now, "Martial Peak" is finally over, and it can be regarded as a good result for those readers who have chased after this book.

So have you watched "Martial Peak"? Are you still chasing? Welcome to comment and leave a message.

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