The most murderous protagonist in the novel, the last one, will destroy the crowd at every turn!

In fantasy or fairy-xia novels, many of the protagonists' murderousness is very important. In their eyes, human lives are worthless, and only killing is the truth! In fact, this kind of novel is very difficult to control. Well-written novels will produce cruel comprehension, and badly written ones will become brainless, cool texts, constantly shouting and screaming, like a middle-aged second-year young man. Too much lacking! Here are a few more murderous novels...

1. "Renegade Immortal" ~ Wang Lin


The book "Xian Ni" is actually very killing and a bit hostile, but it is handled very well. Sometimes it can be used in a gentle way to resolve the killing intent in the book. This is particularly good and makes people feel better. While feeling the cruelty of comprehension, there is still some warmth! Take two examples of them!


In order to obtain the Tianni beads, Teng Huayuan did not hesitate to kill more than 300 people in the Wang family. This kind of killing is not serious. After Wang Lin saw the cruelty of the cultivation world, he also completely changed himself. After his strength increased, He came back for revenge after a short distance and killed everyone in the Teng family. None of the elderly, women and children were spared. Although Wang Lin knew that these people were innocent, they were still not merciful, because their surname was Teng, and the entire family was destroyed in a single thought. And they used their bones to pave the way, this kind of killing is not unimportant!


But after he accompanied his son through his life, he was accompanied by infinite tenderness. That's why "Renegade Immortal" could finally become a classic!

2. "Extreme Destruction" ~ Win Ping


Unlike "Renegade Immortal", the book "Extreme Destruction" is a complete killing novel. What you can see in the book is the roar of the male protagonist and his unwillingness. He was bullied in his early years, so When he gained power, he completely changed himself. He began to retaliate against the world continuously. He wanted to destroy the world and let everyone live in his shadow!

The male protagonist won the draw and began to commit crimes constantly, robbery, murder, and constant violence on the street. His ex-girlfriend once broke up with him because of organizational tasks. Then after Yingping found his girlfriend, he forced an old man to ruin her in front of him, otherwise he would kill the old man! Reading this book is like watching someone vent their dissatisfaction, so in the end this book did not become a classic!

3. "Buddha is the Tao" ~ Zhou Qing


This is a novel that created the "flood stream". It is also a controversial novel because it is too murderous. There is a common truth in the book, that is, human life is like grass, and killing is the truth! That is to say, starting from this book, the novels that dream into the magic will have a kind of sharpness that is unfavourable. This kind of sharpness makes people feel murderous!


The male protagonist of the novel is considered to be a killer, in his world, there has never been a word of gentleness, just like the wild emperor of "Perfect World", he is a fighting protagonist!

4. "Against the Gods" ~ Jasmine


Unlike the previous ones, the most murderous in this novel is not the male protagonist, but the female protagonist Jasmine. She is a typical dark loli and only looks like a teenager. She used to kill countless people because of her hatred! To her, killing the whole family is an ordinary thing. In her life, she has killed more than 20 billion living creatures, adding a lot of sins in vain!

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