He is the decisive actor in Chendong's novels

I think Chen Dong’s first book is Chen Dong’s "The Tomb of the Gods". This book contains a lot of fresher content, and it can be regarded as my fantasy and enlightenment novel.

At that time, I stayed up late to read Chen Dong's book, and I thought how it was written so well, and it still made people feel that the peak of the novel should actually be like this.

Chen Dong recommended his new book-"Eternal Life" to everyone after his "Tomb of the Gods" was over. At that time, according to Chen Dong's own words, "Eternal Life" was several times more beautiful than "Tomb of God".


I still remember the extremely excited tone when I saw Chen Dong's words. At that time, I felt that Chen Dong must have liked the book he wrote.

Afterwards, everyone knows that Chen Dong's book is actually not so influential, it is just a defeated book. Of course, Chen Dong's book still has a relatively large response.

We don't want to talk about what happened after this book was published, and we don't have to discuss the incomprehensible connotations in the book. Just looking at Chen Dong’s family and country feelings in his own book can actually understand Chen Dong’s grammatical ideas.


Xiao Chen, the protagonist of "Longevity World", is actually an extremely delicate and profound character, and his character is displayed very thoroughly in Chen Dong's book.

Although "Eternal Life" shows a more tragic world, the character of the protagonist is still better. This young man who grew up in a small village by the Yellow River has the normal mind and responsibility of a man.

But Xiao Chen was criticized for one thing, he was a virgin. I think Xiao Chen is really a portrayal of Chendong himself. Just looking at Chen Dong's personal character is still very similar to the protagonist.

One purpose of the protagonist of "Eternal Life" is actually to witness the rotation and rise and fall of an era. When you just look at it, everyone will understand that there are actually many connotations in it.


Until the end of the final novel, Xiao Chen still didn't change anything. The so-called dim exit actually refers to him, which actually embodies the cruelty of history.

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