The universe is so big, is it possible that there are "immortals" in the novels? The answer is unexpected

Do you know how big the universe is? In fact, we are not only curious about this issue, but scientists are also curious.

In the early research, some people believed that the universe is actually infinite and that it exists no matter what, and there is no such thing as the disappearance of the universe.

But this kind of statement is totally unreasonable today. After all, nothing lasts forever. Everything must have a beginning and an end.

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Why do many people think the universe is infinite?

That's because our range of activities or the scope of observation is very small, and the earth itself is a very small existence in the universe. We live on the earth, and we will naturally take the earth as a benchmark to consider the entire universe. This way it is natural It feels that the universe is very big.

Since the universe is so big, is it possible that there are immortal cultivators only in the novel?

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The distance we can currently observe is about 900 light-years. This distance is also a limit for the current people. If someone breaks this limit someday, the Nobel Prize may be prepared for him.

In fact, for current humans, this distance is already close to infinite space. After all, our own active solar system is far from this distance. Is it possible for other lives to exist within such a large area?

According to scientists, it is not necessary to have a specific environment to give birth to a civilization, although we are always looking for an environment suitable for human habitation in the process of exploring the universe. But this does not mean that other life can be born in the universe only in an environment suitable for human existence. After all, in theory, all kinds of life in the world should have many forms, and some organisms can adapt to very harsh environments.

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In fact, if you know a little about basic physics, you will also know that so-called immortal cultivators do not actually exist. Some people think that since all possibilities exist in the universe, then there may be immortal cultivators. This is incorrect. The so-called possibility is only a possibility based on a certain theoretical basis, rather than everyone thinking of a way of survival as a possibility.

If we have to talk about cultivating immortals, it must be science and technology. After all, our technology can allow us to fly to the sky, and even fly out of the earth and solar system. Science is not a form of pretense, but a correct understanding of the world. When we look at the universe, we must follow the most basic scientific methods, and we must not think out of thin air.

Although there are no immortal cultivators in the world, there may be some magical techniques. In ancient times, the so-called cultivator’s abilities included sound transmission of thousands of miles, etc., but now that technology is advanced, you can also transmit sound of thousands of miles. You only need to call the other party, and you can even see the other party’s appearance, and so on. , Are we considered as cultivators?

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As for whether life other than humans exists in the vast universe, most scientists believe that they exist so far, but the number is relatively small, and humans have not discovered it so far. Perhaps someday, aliens will be able to contact us through a certain method. Are you looking forward to discovering aliens?

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