The capital market has set off a "meta universe" upsurge! What is "meta universe"?


In the past two days, the capital market has set off a "meta universe" upsurge. Before investors fully understand what "Meta Universe" is, the game stocks that have been suppressed in the early stage of the A-share market have collectively rioted. In the old game stocks, Qingbao has pulled two 20% daily limits, Baotong Technology, Sheng Sky Network, Shunwang Technology, Kaiying Network, Silk Road Vision, Jiachuang Video, etc. also showed a sharp upward trend.

What is the meta universe?

The term metaverse originated from the science fiction "Avalanche" written by the famous American science fiction novelist Neo Stevenson in 1992. In his book, Stevenson described a cyber world parallel to the real world—metaworld. All people in the real world have a network clone in Metaverse. The Metaverse described by Stevenson is a new form of the Internet in the next stage after the realization of virtual reality.


In the original work, Metaverse is composed of two words: Meta and Verse. Meta stands for transcendence and Verse stands for universe. Together, it is the concept of "transcending the universe": an artificial space that runs parallel to the real world. It is the next stage of the Internet, the virtual reality network world supported by AR, VR, 3D and other technologies. The meta-universe cannot be completely separated from the real world. It is parallel to the real world and communicates with it, but it is independent of the real world, where people can conduct real social and work.

Such an "avant-garde" concept was quickly welcomed by the capital market. In fact, before this round of the A-share market's "meta universe" concept exploded, a group of leading Internet companies in Silicon Valley, on the other side of the ocean, had already begun to actively embrace it. "Meta universe". In July of this year, Facebook CEO Zuckerberg publicly stated that by 2025, Facebook will fully transform into a meta-universe company. Zuckerberg announced the company’s “metacosmic” plan in an internal employee letter. He pointed out that “in five or seven years, people will mainly think that we are a “metacosmic” company, not just A mobile internet company."


In addition, in March this year, the VR game platform Roblox was listed on the New York Stock Exchange, and its stock price soared by 54.4% on the first day. In just one year, Roblox's valuation rose from US$4 billion to US$45 billion. It is reported that Roblox is the first company to write "Meta Universe" in its prospectus. It can be said that Roblox has opened the door of "Meta Universe". Now, some people believe that "Meta Universe" will be the outlet of the Internet in the next decade.

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