"Tales of Herding Gods", a work of great gods integrating universe and astronomy


"Tales of Herding Gods" has come out in the first two years. At the beginning, I watched it a few times. When I saw the five elders of the Lijiang River, I felt nothing new. I personally don’t like the protagonist with a strong background. It's so smooth, it feels boring.

After all, it is very easy for a rich second generation to start with the official second generation, but how can a dick be able to counterattack without any disobedience and feelings, this is not easy, the logic in the middle is fixed, the sense of substitution is very good, if If the logic is not fixed, it feels false.

However, this logic is often not easy to fix, so counterattack novels become more embarrassing as you read them. This year, I listened to the novel platform and clicked on the top novels. Either I have heard it or I really can’t listen to it. The routine is still ten. The routine of years ago, infinite slaps, and nausea

In desperation, I started to watch the works of the great gods, such as "Lord of the Secrets", such as "The Legend of the Faun", such as "Lin Yuan Xing" and so on. Let's talk about the others in a few days, and let's talk about "Tales of Herding Gods" today.

Putting aside the prejudices, picking it up again, and analyzing it carefully, the advantages of "Tales of Herding Gods" are still outstanding.


1: There is suspense

Whether it is the group of disabled people in the disabled old village, or Daxu can’t go out at night, this is a kind of suspense, waiting for people to uncover the mystery, including the sealed monster in Daxu, the demon in the wall, and the village. The stone statues inside, these have enough gimmicks, can attract people.

A suspenseful novel is not easy. At that time, Chendong-Nine Dragons pulled the coffin and became famous, so that everyone knows, everyone knows, and its power can be seen.

2: There are people

I don’t really like the routine of teaching a student to a group of teachers in "Tales of Herding Gods", because when I was a child, I used to read novels like that. In the movies, I practiced martial arts for half an hour, which is nothing short of Wupu education.

Regardless of personal preferences, when you look closely, the characters in "Tales of Herding Gods" are somewhat interesting, flesh and blood. The first surprising character is the ancestor of the demon. That kind of mind and tolerance is obviously a big deal, and the second is that. It is Yankang Guoshi, Yankang Emperor, these characters are very brilliant, have ideals, aspirations, and have their own personalities.


3: There is a world

Everyone knows the three elements of novels, but online novels, especially fantasy novels, need one more, and that is a complete worldview.

This is very important. There is no novel with a complete world structure. Characters run around like NPCs. With a complete world structure, what people in the world are doing, what they plan to do, and why they do it have a basis and Base.

"Tales of Herding Gods" did it. Whether it was the dark night of the big emptiness, the Yankang reform, the false sky in the later period, the false gods' disasters, etc., they all gave Daomen and Buddhism a certain reason, and it also gave a vigorous reform. The general trend laid the groundwork for the follow-up.


Finally, integrating modern science’s knowledge of universe exploration into the novel can be said to be a very exciting and very clever idea. Because the basis is true, the feeling written in the novel is also credible and easy to be taken. Accepted.

At the same time, it also incorporates some mythological elements, of course, to interpret it from the author's personal perspective. This is inevitable, because Chinese mythology is too large and written in accordance with traditional mythology, everyone will not understand it.

To sum up, "Tales of Herding Gods" is a very good novel. There is suspense to lead everyone to read it, there are characters entrusting everyone's feelings, and the world is full of novel events. It is worth reading carefully. Of course, it is not to say that "Tales of Herding Gods" has no shortcomings. There are also many problems with the great gods. I will not discuss them here. The logic of the novel with so many words can be self-consistent. It is not easy. After the novel is written to a million words , It’s easy to get out of control. Sometimes the author doesn’t count how the novel develops. The characters and events in it will lead everyone to run freely, and sooner or later they will become gods that can be controlled.


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