What are the mental states of people who are usually addicted to reading online novels?

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Entering the 21st century, the development of the Internet is much faster than we thought, and many physical things have become more convenient and faster by relying on the Internet. Novels were first published by publishing houses and then sold in libraries and newspaper stores. They were gradually promoted through the Internet to be read by everyone. This method not only makes it convenient for friends who like to read novels, but also makes the communication channels of novels diversified. . However, it is precisely because of the rapidity of the Internet that many writers' works are not up to the quality, so that online novels are called "fast food culture".

Of course, we can't assume that online novels are not good enough, to a large extent, it has a lot to do with our personal reading methods. From a psychological point of view, long-term reading of online novels will affect our personal psychology. Let's explore together what kind of mental state will appear if you are addicted to online novels.

1. A strong sense of substitution

The reason why a novel will make people read diligently is more or less because we bring ourselves into the role. Long-term reading makes us feel like being on the scene, resonating with the characters in the novel, and slowly To find similar and consistent characteristics in the character, the more I want to read in depth.

There is a saying in psychology called "projected identity", the explanation is that "substitution is equivalent to identity, that is, we will have the same place with others, and we will have a relationship when we put our inner things on others."

Just like Emma in "Mrs. Bovary", she likes to read novels, hoping that she can find the same knight as in the novel, but her ordinary life tells her an impossible dream.

Many people who are obsessed with online novels for a long time often have unsatisfactory lives, so they can only use online novels as a pastime, or even a spiritual sustenance, to temporarily live in a virtual world.


2. Anxiety and procrastination

The most exaggerated level of friends who like to read online novels is "forgetting sleeping and forgetting food". Even the normal eating time is not allowed to miss the wonderful parts of the novel. This is simply into a state of confusion. There have also been delays in many business affairs, which involves a psychology called "procrastination psychology".

The psychology of procrastination is about the relationship between the procrastinator and time. The procrastinator always has a kind of expectant thinking to look at time, always believing that time can be overcome and overcome, and it is precisely because of such a good attitude that the procrastinator makes the procrastinator. Through the vicious circle, online novels have just become the psychological sustenance of procrastinators, allowing them to temporarily escape the difficulties of life.

This is the state of people who have read online novels for a long time. While procrastinating and consuming time confidently, they become anxious when they wake up, and then return to a state of procrastination after the anxiety, and the cycle repeats.


3. Choose to escape

Faced with the pressure of life, we are accustomed to choosing to avoid unpleasant things. This is a very common phenomenon. Everyone is prone to choose to avoid other than procrastination.

Everyone is afraid of failure, afraid of encountering unsolvable problems in life. At this time, they will want to seek medicine that can temporarily escape the suffering of life, and online novels have become the spiritual food for many people.

The beauty presented in online novels is in contrast with reality. Ideals and beauty are presented in the plot, allowing people to temporarily relax and amuse themselves from the worries of life.

But in the long run, people will form bad habits, live in virtual fantasy, become a cowardly and timid person, become more and more out of touch with society, live in their own world, and slowly The formation of a morbid state is a vicious attitude that is not desirable.

In this era of rapid development, there are all kinds of books and works. How to read is a habit that we need to form. It cannot be said that reading online novels will definitely fall into a state of ecstasy.


Everyone should be their own master, have their own benign three views in their attitudes to life, and learn to grasp well so that they will not lose themselves.

Before looking at one thing, we have to look at it with an objective attitude. The emergence of online novels means that we see more opportunities for the development of the novel industry, and it also allows us to understand the novel industry more deeply.

Internet novels have become a way for the masses to entertain the pressure of life, which is a benign characteristic, but too much indulge will prone to psychological problems, so establishing a correct way of life will make us no longer think that online novels are a kind of fast food. Culture, but a culture worthy of our respect

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