Those Sao operations in fantasy novels


There are many Sao operations in fantasy novels. These Sao operations have appeared in almost every fantasy novel. Today I will take stock of the Sao operations in fantasy novels.

First of all, the first one is the most classic.

Every time there will be a little-eyed family kid who provokes the male protagonist. After sending the head, the male protagonist will either not kill him and ask him to go back to inform him, or he will leave a trace and write "I killed him". on the face.

Then the big family was directly furious and sent black-clothed old men to give away their heads one by one. Every time these black-clothed old men saw the male lead, they would "jump" and "quack" with weird smiles. To be honest, normal people would really send this out. Kind of laughter?

Doesn't this laughter write "I am the villain" directly on his face? Here I directly criticize the Soul Palace in Doupaoqiang by name, and every soul palace person will "Jiejie" laugh when they appear on the stage.

Every time the people of those big families come to seek revenge, the ostentation will be very big, and a bunch of people who eat melons clamored: "This son is bound to have a lot to do in the future, but unfortunately it provokes XXX." Many fantasy novels have plots for revenge. The masses are the most outrageous thing. Some people who eat melons have eaten their lives and still have to eat melons there.


The second classic plot is that the male protagonist is not polite to seniors a few levels higher than himself, and feels that this is humiliation and affects his own Taoism.

At this time, a dog leg will stand up and say: "You kid, you don't pay respect when you see xxx?" Then the master will say: "Fine, nothing." But in fact, what is the matter?

These righteous masters will definitely keep in mind what the male lead has done, and then look for opportunities to retaliate. When the righteous lead retaliates, someone will jump out and say: "I admire your Dao heart." Then they said that they are very optimistic about the male lead. Lord, let that high-level senior not bully the small with big things.


The third classic plot is that the male protagonist has a mocking face. Just like the reincarnation of the top, every villain will have to draw twice when he sees the male protagonist.

For example, there are a lot of urban essays, and they all like to write this kind of plot. Everyone attends a class reunion. They were originally happy. At this time, the male lead came in and the atmosphere changed.

Because other people are all wearing suits, the male lead is in casual clothes, and some of the protagonists are even more outrageous, wearing vests and slippers to attend class reunions. Generally speaking, we see someone who dresses differently from ourselves. For the sake of old classmates, a joke will pass, but in the novel, there will always be a man who is jealous that the hero of the year was liked by Ban Hua. I have to stand up and mock,

After the ridicule, it is the classic Dragon King plot. A beautiful girl finds the male lead, and the male lead smiles, "Huh." Even if the Dragon King plot is not opened during the class reunion, anyway, the following plot will definitely be a mockery. The face of the protagonist's supporting role.

Urban essays do this, and fantasy essays are even more outrageous. Basically every passerby looks down on the male protagonist. The male protagonist is wrong even to breathe. It is obvious that the male protagonist has mediocre talents, but there will always be a few genius children mocking. Male protagonist, the reason for taunting is nothing more than a good relationship with beautiful women or the strength of the male protagonist is stronger than himself before, and now that he surpasses him, he must ridicule the male protagonist.

I wonder if everyone doesn't cultivate immortality? Generally speaking, cultivators have to retreat. Even some low-level people have to earn resources. However, those supporting actors always like to mock the male lead after they finish their work, and when it happens, I doubt these supporting characters. It's not that the male protagonist is upset, but a group of dead arrogant, trying to attract the male protagonist's attention.


The fourth classic plot is that the male protagonist takes a female out, and he will definitely be molested by the gangster

After the male protagonist finished teaching the gangster, the gangster was still unconvinced, saying that he was a local snake, and you will feel better in the future, and then passers-by said: "It's a pity, it's a pity, it's a pity to provoke anyone, I have to provoke him."

The next plot is either that the family power is not long-sighted, provokes the male protagonist, and then is crushed into powder, or half of the fight is found that the male protagonist is not small. Generally speaking, it should be an apology to find that the backing is not small, but these The family must feel that since they are offended, the male protagonist is worried about them, and simply does nothing but cut the roots directly, and then these families are GG.

I think the most outrageous is not these plots, the gangsters molested the beauties, the very classic scenes, the most outrageous are the plots in which the heroines have already changed appearances and are still being molested. Obviously the narrator is saying that the heroine is now plain, and then those family children either have double gazes and see through the heroine's disguise, or think she is in good shape, and then go to molest.

I thought that these family children were outrageous, because they were in good shape, and then went to molesting. After the molesting, they were still not convinced. They had to move the rescuers. After the rescuers were moved, they were beaten. The patriarch apologized and thought about the male lead. If you don't avenge this revenge, you will never give up.

I had to find someone with a bigger backing to help me, but the bigger back was also planted, and in the end I personally went and died. This plot is really outrageous.

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