Combining Budo Competitive with Virtual Games, I Eat Tomato's new book "Professional Player in the Universe"

My new book "Professional Player of the Universe", which I eat tomatoes, has been online for almost a week.

The novel is currently less than 40,000 characters, but the game elements have finally come out.


Before opening the book, he said in his book friend group that the new book will write an e-sports article that no one else has written, and the specific game is also

Not circulated on the market.


When the novel was launched on the 25th, it felt that it was not related to e-sports, and on the contrary, it was more like a martial arts competition.

But by now it is basically certain, the next plot development must be inseparable from e-sports.

Because mankind has discovered the spacecraft left over from a higher civilization, extracted superb virtual technology from it, and developed a virtual game that can cover all mankind, and began the nationwide military deployment.

In this virtual game world, everyone can try a variety of activities, including martial arts practice experiments. It can be said that this is a game world where all mankind participates in the development. And the experience accumulated from various attempts made in this game world will eventually affect reality.


Based on this game, I believe that various martial arts competitions will be held here. After all, the game in the game has less restraint and can show a person's strength better.

Individuals can still read the novel up to now. The heroine was determined very early and avoided a lot of unnecessary emotional scenes. Some villains are not low in IQ, and have yet to appear unappetizing.

As for the male protagonist's family, it is also very interesting. Grandpa is a former e-sports player, and he is better able to adapt to this virtual game that is coming today than their juniors.

His father was a fierce martial artist who opened the Baji Gate, and his mother was a painter. The heroine is a singer and is good at live games. It can be said that everyone has their own hobbies and specialties.

The current collection of the novel has broken 100,000, and there are 37 fans of the leader, and it has been ranked first in the new book list since it was published. It can be said that my appeal to eat tomatoes is still very strong.


However, this novel has not been promoted until now except for a splash screen recommendation with no specific activity page on the second day of the book. As a top god, this treatment is obviously unjustifiable.

For this reason, some people went to Zhihu to post related questions, and the wandering toad gave an explanation, saying that the current recommended arrangements for reading articles are determined by big data, so there will be activities for new books, but they will not talk to the author. The time for the release has been matched.

As for whether this explanation is accurate, I am not sure. The various recommended arrangements for the starting point are indeed very confused, and there are more and more eunuchs.

Regardless of whether you are a great god or Xiaopujie, as long as the previous data does not meet the standards, there will be no subsequent recommendations.


It did it all, but it also gave birth to an impetuous sense of quick success. Many novels that have only been written for ten and a half days have chosen to enter the palace because the data is not up to standard. I don't know if this phenomenon will be reversed in the future.

Of course, the current situation has little effect on the top god like me who eats tomatoes, after all, he has his own traffic. I hope this novel can regain his passion and fight again.

Finally, I don’t know if he wrote this martial arts competition article, are you looking forward to it?

Please pay attention to the panda novel, I will put this novel on the shelves in the future.