The Milestone of "Three-Body" Science Fiction

As a science fiction lover, his face was full of tears after watching "Three-Body".

Author: Liu Cixin is too good, yes, it is not easy for him.

I have read an article written by Liu before. It said that in his time, the gap between China and other countries in the recognition of science fiction is that Chinese people are a little embarrassed whether they write science fiction or buy science fiction, and they are afraid of others. He is not doing his job properly, and he still engages in these things when he is such a big man. He thinks that science fiction is similar to fairy tales, while foreign countries spend money to make movies and conduct meticulous research on science fiction. No one thinks that these are false imaginations of human beings.


Take "Three-body" as an example. Three-body is more popular in other countries than in China. Three-body is so simple in Japan that it has become a god, but in China, it is science fiction fans and the new generation who like three-body.

On the other hand, in China, even now some of our elders still don't like science fiction. Many people around me like to read books. Many of my classmates are also teachers. But I recommend Sansei, but they don't read it. They like to read ancient books. Fortunately, in our generation, there are still many people who respect science fiction. Of course, there are still many people who treat science fiction as a trifling matter. But I believe that with the development of society, more and more people will pay attention to science fiction. Science fiction is not a fantasy, or a personal interest, not for fame and fortune, but a feeling.


In addition to being a milestone in the science fiction world, "Three Body" is a science fiction novel full of philosophy, philosophy, and sociology. Although science fiction is to inspire people to explore science, it is more important in the depth of ideology and morality. With the advancement of society, the conflict between human nature and technology will become greater and greater. The tragedy of this will give people a great deal. Enlightenment, a lot of science fiction is like this.

I am a history major. Most of the books I read are history, but I really like "The Three Body". I think that in addition to many human philosophies and principles, the Three Body also explored "democracy" and "centralization." "Despotism" and a series of social systems and other issues. About the Cultural Revolution, about the social democracy of the crisis era, about the centralization of space starships, and about the tyranny of the Trisolaran, all these are worthy of our consideration. The characteristics of the characters are also worthy of our thinking. "Selfish", "kindness" and "humanity" are all worthy of consideration for every fan of the trisomy.


In any case, "Three Body" is a milestone in the history of science fiction. I believe that it will get better and better in the field of science fiction, and it will go further and further!

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