Science fiction not to be missed


Facing the unknown and future world, science fiction is often the most enlightening. They not only paint a possible picture of the future, but also stimulate our thinking about science and technology.


Today, Panda Novel has prepared three science fiction novels that you must not miss! Please note that after reading them, your three views may be subverted.


"Three Body"

——China's top science fiction masterpiece!

Some people say that there are two kinds of people in this world, those who have seen "Three-Body" and those who haven't seen "Three-Body".

Almost everyone who has watched "Three-Body" said: They have been changed.

There are many "fashionable" sci-fi concepts in "Three-Body", such as high stiffness fibers, human dormancy, warped flight, celestial laws, technological lock-ups, dimensionality reduction strikes, and so on.

If there are other intelligent creatures in the universe, what kind of life form, social organization and moral code will they have? If one day human beings enter a huge cosmic society, will we be able to survive according to the previous code of conduct? You can find the answers to these questions in "Three-Body", which shows us the various possibilities contained in the boundless universe. These possibilities are shocking and alarming.

It not only prepares plans for various possibilities in the future, but also provides a brand new idea for us to understand the current situation of mankind.


"Arthur Clarke Complete Sci-Fi Short Stories"

——The strongest prophecy on the surface

Arthur Clark, Liu Cixin’s idol, one of the three major science fiction writers of the 20th century (the other two are: Isaac Asimov and Robert Heinlein), he is also known as the great space Prophet. His most successful predictions include: tablet computers, video calls, space shuttles, orbital space stations, voiceprint recognition, and a human landing on the moon in 1969.

The time span is from 1937 to 1999, which is more than 60 years. Although written in the last century, many of the themes and ideas are still very advanced today. According to Clark's super prediction ability, maybe those predictions that have not yet come true will become reality in the near future.


Heir of the Stars

——On the human catastrophe fifty thousand years ago

When it comes to science fiction, it is natural that the classic that perfectly blends science fiction and suspense is James P. Huo

"Heir to the Star" by Gen.

Fifty thousand years ago? Humanity? Moon?

What's the matter?

Could it be possible that there was a high-tech prehistoric civilization on the earth that could send people to the moon?

Since it is so developed, why are there no remains?

What if this corpse did not come from the earth, but from another planet? ——All mysteries point to a catastrophe 50,000 years ago...

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