Top ten best-looking fantasy novels list

Which of the beautiful fantasy books are ranked in the top ten?


Which one is the best to watch in 2021? What are the top ten fantasy novels worth watching? For these questions, Panda Novels will give you answers one by one. Let's take a look at the list of the best fantasy novels.

No.1 "Martial God Asura"


"The God of Asura" is an oriental fantasy novel, the second book compiled by the kind bee.

Regarding potential, it is not considered a genius, but profound arts and martial arts can be mastered without a teacher.

In terms of strength, even if you have thousands of treasures, you will definitely not be able to defeat our world spirit army.

Who am I? All beings in the world regard me as Shura, but they don't know that I use Shura to become a god of war.

No.2 "World Defying Dan God"


"World Defying Dan God" is an oriental fantasy novel written by the little thief

A blood contract with the Sage Demon's twin girls, the juvenile of waste materials obtains the yin and yang divine veins, and learns the magic of pill martial arts to cross the world.

The young Chen Xiangyan met the goddess and the witch, gained their uninheritance, gained the godly veins, learned peerless magic, and mastered the superb pill, which made him proud of the spring breeze on the road of martial arts... when he was hungry, he made some pill for snacks. , When you are lonely, molesting the superior goddess, when you are bored, playing with those martial arts experts who come to ask for pill, and when you are tired, let the wives around you massage...


No.3 "God Emperor"


"God Emperor" is a fantasy cultivating novel written by Feitianyu.

Eight hundred years ago, Emperor Ming's son Zhang Ruochen was killed by his fiancee, Princess Chi Yao, and a generation of arrogance fell.


Eight hundred years later, Zhang Ruochen came back to life, only to discover that the fiancee who had killed him had unified the Kunlun realm and opened up the first central empire, known as the "Queen of Chi Yao".

Empress Chi Yao-dominate the world, prestige in all directions; youth is forever, immortal.


Zhang Ruochen stood outside the ancestral halls of the emperors, looking at the statue of Empress Chi Yao, a raging flame of hatred was burning in his heart, "When I rebuild for thirteen years, I dare to ask the empress to go to the Yellow Spring."

No.4 "Master"

"The Great Master" is the fourth novel of Tiancan Tudou, which is related to the fight against the sky and the martial universe, and tells the story of Mu Chen.

In the vast world, the planes meet, there are thousands of races, and the heroes gather, and the heavenly supreme from the lower planes, in this endless world, is performing a yearning legend and pursuing the road to dominance.

The endless flames, Emperor Yan is in charge, the fire burns the sky

Within the realm of martial arts, the might of the martial ancestors shocked the universe

The palace of the west, the emperor of a hundred battles, is invincible

Hill of Northern Desolation, Land of Ten Thousand Tombs, Heaven and Earth of Undead Lord

The young man came out of the North Spirit Realm, rode the Nine Nether Sparrows, and rushed into the wonderful world, dominates the road, who will control the ups and downs

In the great world, ten thousand ways contend for the front, I am the great master

No.5 "Perfect Supreme"

"Perfect Supreme" is a fantasy novel written by Blood Phoenix Youluo.

The fate of the times and the martial arts!

The young Lin Ling was sealed and humiliated since he was a child. When a pair of mysterious eye pupils awakened, the once strong man, ancient myths, and mysterious relics appeared in his eyes!

He saw the passing time, saw the secrets of ancient gods and demons, he saw the ancient top-level exercises, and all the strong men who disappeared in the long river of history were all seen by him.

With the guidance of ancient powerful men, he walked from the bottom of the world of tiny ants, step by step, on the road to the world.


No.6 "Wu Breaking Through the Nine Desolations"

"Wu Breaks the Nine Desolations" is an online novel written by Invincible Xiaobei.

True Spirit Continent, Tianjiao is in the world, evildoers fight for the front, the king can roar to fall stars, and the emperor can cover the sky with his hands.

Xiao Ye, a young man born from humble background, inherited from ancient times, from then on, the world of martial arts, pushing all enemies horizontally, breaking through the nine famines, and burning the nine heavens with bloody battles.

In the invincible battlefield, geniuses are like a sea of blood, and evildoers are like mountains, Xiao Ye marches forward step by step, reaching the top of the world, all the way to the world, no one dares to be respected.

My generation of warriors, should rather be unyielding, kill and decisive, happily enmity, and kill all enemies in the world!

No.7 "Life and Death Danzun"

Tang Mingyang, a dude who expelled his family

Family genius, insult him and deceive him? Step on step!

The demon saint, Fanghua is unparalleled? Collect!

Old ancestor, old monster, see him not going well? Kill! Kill!


In this cruel world where the strong are respected and the weak are ants, if you are not pleasing to your eyes, you can come to kill your cruel world, and see how Tang Mingyang rises against the trend and moves for nine days!

However, he accidentally awakened the memory of Danzun in his previous life, and his life began to be arrogant.

No.8 "Eternal Emperor"

The author of "Wang Gu Tian Di" is Xi Feng. It mainly tells the story of Ye Han, a young man with mysterious exercises.

Destroy the stars with one thought, and perceive the ten thousand realms with one glance!

Raising your hand, the sky is shattered, and everything is silent when strolling!

What is the use of a tyrannical soul? Explore the mystery, understand the opportunities, drive the gods and demons, and even control the world!

This is a big world, with heroes contending for hegemony, ten thousand races coming together, and the world is vast. Who is in charge of the ups and downs now?!

The young Ye Han accidentally broke into this world, carrying the mysterious technique "Tiandi Jue". Everything started when he discovered that his soul had changed, he could eavesdrop on the voice of others, and gain insight into the enemy's technique...


No.9 "Peerless Martial Soul"

"Peerless Wuhun" is an online novel written by Lianjing Angel.

In the Dragon Vessel Continent, there are thousands of ethnic groups, countless sects, and martial artists are respected. The strong destroy the world, the weak creep like ants.

Young Chen Feng, his dantian is like iron, unable to cultivate, he was cold-eyed.

Occasionally got the supreme dragon's blood, the mysterious ancient ding, has risen against the sky since then, turned out to be born!

The pretty demon fox, the Lengao empress, the demon demon girl, and the protoss princess all fall into my arms.

Xiu Wu inherits, condenses the strongest martial soul, sits on the beauty of all, and looks down upon the sky

No.10 "Soul Supreme"

A fantasy novel by Internet writer Ba Yi. This book uses Zhuo Wen as the protagonist and tells the story of Zhuo Wen’s presence in Tianjiao.

The story of the mainland from a small person to a peerless powerhouse step by step, has already serialized 4.59 million characters.

In the Sky Armor Continent, the strong is respected, where the weak are as small as ants, and the strong are as vast as mountains;

Even some of the strongest can break the river and break the sea, open the mountains and crack the rocks; even more powerful people can break the void and smash the cycle of reincarnation!

Zhuo Wen, a medical college student, occasionally got the Yuding trip across to Young Master Yilupa. Relying on the endless pill in the Yuding with mediocre aptitude, he stepped onto the supreme peak step by step and became even the sky...

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