In Chendong's six novels, there are too many unforgettable female characters. Which one do you remember the most?

Speaking of Chendong everyone loves and hates, today Chendong asked for leave again. Our "hate" for him is that he is too procrastinated to write books, and that we are too hard to chase after him. But it is undeniable that there are not many books that can be read in fantasy novels. Chendong's book not only has a novel structure of the world, but also the various characters created in it are also unforgettable for us. Chen Dong has written a total of six novels, and the sixth "Holy Ruins" is still being serialized. So in Chendong's six novels, which of the female characters is the most impressive to you?


The first part: the heroine Situ Mingyue in "Immortal"

Everyone knows that "Immortal" is Chendong's first work, and the entire book is more than 800,000 words. The story is about the personal experience of Dugu defeated the sky. A typical oriental fantasy novel. Situ Mingyue bears the brunt of the most memorable female character in this novel. From the name of the heroine, it can be seen that Chen Dong wrote the first book at an age full of fantasy, with enough literature and art. In the early days of this book, especially in the previous chapters, I could feel Chendong's strong feelings of martial arts, but the later scenes gradually spread. The emotional drama between Dugu Bietian and Situ Mingyue is also enough to make people worry and puzzled. Situ Mingyue and Dugu Bietian are the reincarnation and entanglement of the ninth world. Situ Mingyue seemed to be born for Dugu Defeating Heaven, and Situ Mingyue was willing to sacrifice everything for Dugu Defeating Heaven at any time. They are destined by fate and cannot be given up. Even though this "Immortality" has not been read for a long time, but the female character Situ Mingyue in this book still sometimes remembers.


The second part: the heroine Yu Xin in "The Tomb of God"

"The Tomb of God" is my favorite fantasy novel, not one of them. "Repair my war sword, kill for nine days, sprinkle my blood, and move forward." I still remember the way I cried when I watched "The Tomb of the Gods" that night. "The sky has lost its way, why do you need to defend it!" "The Tomb of the Gods" is full of endless fantasy and deep thinking of human nature. What is a magic? What is God? It turns out that everything is human nature! Even the heavens and the ways of heaven, the Lord of All Things, have produced unjustified "injustices" for some reason. The whole book can be described as turbulent, and the final result is too tragic. However, this is definitely to choose Yuxin. I still remember the touching words that Yuxin blocked the fatal blow for Chennan: "When you get old, you can still remember a girl named Yuxin." In the end, Chen Nan and Yu Xin strolled through the starry sky. Why should life be forever? It is enough to have it in this life. It is the last regret on the eve of their war, and it is also the helplessness of the two forgotten in the end of the world.


The third part: the female character Yan Qingcheng in "Eternal Life"

Many people say that there is no heroine in Chendong's books. I think it makes sense. Probably since "Eternal Life", there is no obvious heroine in Chendong's books. Because since "Eternal Life", there have been more and more female roles, even if there are a lot of descriptions of a woman in the early stage, a lot of praise. You might think she is the heroine, but unfortunately she is not. Because there must be many similar female characters competing to appear in the later period. But the saddest thing about "Eternal Life" is that, apart from years of campaigns and cultivation, Xiao Chen never thought about the love of his children. Originally, he had a good story about fate, but it was a pity that Chen Dong turned Xiao Chen to reject Yan Qingcheng, who had fallen in love and killed each other. Many people say that Emperor Huangtian suffers and is arbitrarily determined forever, but I don't think that the most bitter thing is Xiao Chen, who is dedicated to killing the enemy and dedicated to his own world. In the end, he was indeed an old virgin several hundred thousand years old. The female character in "Longevity Realm" that made me embarrassed the most was this Yan Qingcheng. Her character was the type I liked, but it was a pity that she didn't get together with Xiao Chen in the end.


Part 4: The female character An Miaoyi in "Zhetian"

When it comes to "Zhetian", one word comes to mind: "The stars are dazzling", how many heroes, how many peerless beauties in the posture of the emperor. They composed the starry sky of "Shaking the Sky", and they let the book "Shaking the Sky" exude infinite charm. However, An Miaoyi, who was called the second heroine by many Chen fans, was the first woman Ye Fan fell in love with. I don't know if you Chen fans have a feeling. When I first watched "Zhetian", I felt that the three words "An Miaoyi" were full of magic. As written in the book, she is full of infinite charm, even the magic of ecstasy. She was a woman Ye Fan could not forget. She was willing to give everything for Ye Fan, but in the end she followed her own way and never returned. She is different from the carelessness of the first heroine Ji Ziyue, she has her own way, and her heart is extremely strong, which can be said to be an irreversible obsession. She wants to follow Ye Fan's realm, she doesn't want to rely on others. It's a pity that she eventually disappeared, and finally turned into another person, Kou Xiaoxiao, and became Ye Fan's apprentice. Although she has the memory of An Miaoyi, she is no longer An Miaoyi. She and she are just two similar flowers in the world. Therefore, the woman who impressed me the most in the book "Zhetian" is this An Miaoyi.


Part 5: The female character Huo Linger in "Perfect World"

This "Perfect World" Huang Tiandi arbitrarily determines the eternal hardship. In fact, when it comes to this book, I think it’s a perfect fan, so I don’t need to talk about it. Huo Ling'er's popularity is too high. Huo Ling'er can be regarded as the heroine in the true sense, because Huo Ling'er and Shi Hao are really childhood sweethearts, and they have been having stories since they were young. It can be said that Huo Ling'er contributed much to the emotional drama of the entire "Perfect World". In particular, Ye Li's song "No Return" has been sung by many fans who are not touched in their hearts. In general, Huangtian Emperor finally resurrected Huo Ling'er, and took Huo Ling'er to the heavens, which made our fans feel relieved. The heroine Huo Linger is too classic. I believe that even if I forget the title of the book "Perfect World", I will not forget "No Return" and the girl in red who picked mulberries.


Part 6: The heroine Qin Luoyin in "The Sacred Ruins"

The book "The Sacred Ruins" always feels too much water. In addition, in the early stage, the sixth beauty under the starry sky, and Chu Feng can be described as "deep hatred", and both hope to resolve each other as soon as possible. Later, there were too many episodes, and the two of them went through the plot of dog blood, and Qin Luoyin had a child of Chu Feng. So the relationship becomes very awkward. At that time, I thought how it ended. This similar plot reminded me of how similar Chen Nan and Meng Keer were back then. At that time, "The Sacred Ruins" received rave reviews, and many old book fans felt that they had found the feeling of chasing "The Tomb of God". Later, after Chu Feng and Qin Luoyin lived in a foreign land for a hundred years, the relationship between Chu Feng and Qin Luoyin eased. But later Qin Luoyin encountered life-threatening danger. From beginning to end, she just concealed that she didn't want Chu Feng's accident. At that time, she felt that Qin Luoyin was really too pitiful. Especially before Qin Luoyin's soul light went out, he said that Chu Feng hadn't really fallen in love with her. At that time, Qin Luoyin seemed to have transformed into a little girl's house from a fairy who never cannibalized fireworks, giving people a sense of long-lost reality. It can be seen that the heroine Qin Luoyin has succeeded in shaping her. So even if "The Sacred Ruins" is not over, the female character I support most is Qin Luoyin.

In Chendong’s six novels summarized by Panda, the most memorable female characters have been said. How about you? In the six novels written by Chen Dong, which female character impressed you the most?