The strongest protagonist in online novels in those years-"Perfect World" Huang Tiandi

If one day, the starry sky bursts, the universe is overthrown, and you are the only one left. Although invincible in the world, in the end, you can only remember, watching the red face and white hair like snow, the soul returning to the loess, watching the friends fall in the years, sleeping in the graveyard, and it’s here. At that time, you will have a corresponding state of mind-"Perfect World"


If you have read the book "Perfect World", you will find that this is not just a novel, but more like a personal biography that reflects life, with three characters written on the cover of Huang Tiandi Gilt biography!


Why does it reflect life? Because it is the most different from most novels. It was written when the protagonist was young, and when the supreme bones were excavated, he was faced with ups and downs and tribulations when he was born.


And after the protagonist went through a period of hard work and finally succeeded, he was seriously injured by someone from the upper realm. In the end, he was not only unwilling to accept his brother’s divine bone, but also gave himself the supreme bone that he had finally bred again. Younger brother. I don’t know, how many people are like me in this episode, and weep after reading it? Does most of this front look like life in reality?


"Mine and mine are all mine, eat them all"-Shi Hao

He has a soft heart, just like a little adult who cares for his family. Many readers have said that the perfect world novel has a huge gap between the early and late stages! In the same way, I was attracted by the little bit who was still drinking animal milk until two or three waters. His skin was fair and his eyes were clear. His eyes were red when I watched the little stone after being poured with medicine by the village chief. The village is full of tricks like a little bunny.

Even after he was a few years older, he dared to dig out the magical eggs like "Qinglin Eagle" with the older children. I don't know how many readers and fans' dreams were fulfilled in this scene. The little things in the early stage, the treacherous secrets again and again, the tempering again and again, while pinching the teeth, while arrogantly saying everything I saw with his hands on his hips, like a little bully, one robbed him for nine days. Ten places are the only ones who can't rob Shicun's little bullies?

However, it was such a small point, but he was handing over the things he grabbed to the village chief.

Because he knew that the Great Famine was too poor, and the village was too poor, so he would rob him arbitrarily. He wanted to bring hope to the village, and he wanted to make the village live a hundred years old. At that time, the little stones were so simple!

"I walked out of Shicun and didn't see much of my parents. I really want to see them again... Take good care of my parents, I have nothing to ask for."-Shi Hao


He is stubborn and arrogant, I don't need any shelter from my ancestors, I am the emperor myself.

As the village chief said, small stones are inherently deficient, and it is extremely difficult for them to grow up to now.

The supreme bone was extracted from the urine. At that time, the little boy was still a baby, as you can imagine.

However, it is such a small stone that grows up stronger than anyone, even stubborn.

Because he knows that he cannot rely on his parents, he can only rely on himself. However, it was such a stubborn and arrogant young man who said this when his body was shattered and the fire of life was about to extinguish.

He wants to see his parents, although his parents didn't give him too much, and even in the end he was willing to take out his supreme bones and give them to his younger brother, but he didn't want his parents to be sad. The section where Shi Hao transferred the supreme bone to Qin Hao, I don't know how many readers were frustrated!

"In his years, if I stand in the heavens forever, I will spend my years with you!"-Shi Hao

He, invincible in the world, suppressed three thousand states and pushed nine heavens and ten places. In this novel, if you really want to say that there is a person who can be worthy of the words invincible, then the editor thinks that this person is Shi Hao, and it can only be Shi Hao.

One person crushed Shi Yi, the king of ten crowns, and banished immortals. This eternal arrogant can't raise his head. One person, facing the longevity family without fear at all, alone, calmed down a foreign land. He is at ease, he is eternal, the past causal body, the invincible body in the current world, and the god-self body in the future. This can be seen from the protagonist Shi Hao's practice. He only believes in the present, he firmly believes that he is invincible in the world!


"I am the only one left..."-Shi Hao

He, a miserable life, stood alone on the long river of years, looking back forever, and alone with the gods.

Huang Tiandi is the most powerful person in all ages, but after all he can't reverse Yin and Yang, reincarnation of life and death. When his brothers and his own sons died for their own sacrifices, only the last skyhorn ants remained for his friends, and his guide, God of Liu, was left with only a tree stump, his wife, and Shicun. When completely sealed. The whole world is vast, and when I look around, I find that I am the only one, which can be described as a sad life.

Perfection is the cover of a person. The novel of Perfect World has mixed reviews, and even many readers think it is a novel that is far below the standard of the author, but for me, the Emperor Huangtian is still a book. For more than ten years, one of the few characters I really like!

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