Which protagonist in Chendong's novels is the cheapest?

Which protagonist in Chendong's novels is the cheapest? He is undoubtedly he who wants to hit someone just by name

After some tossing about "The Sacred Ruins", Chu Feng finally started to upgrade quickly, and re-emerged on the path of pretending to be forced, thinking that it would not take long to return to the realm of the god king. And the plot is getting better and better, and the dry goods continue one after another, so you don't have to be in the small village all day long.

The protagonist Chu Feng's character is not too flattering, the most shameless and without a bottom line, the appearance of a bear kid who is properly beaten. In fact, the style of Chendong's novels has always been this way. In addition to the super imagination, it is also a bit humorous and a bit cheap.


If you scratch Chen Dong's novel from the beginning, you will find that Chu Feng is quite honest.

Fifth place, "Immortal" and "Eternal Life" are tied together. Both of these two novels are a bit heavy, and they don't have too many joking colors, and the protagonists are also from honesty and hard work.

Fourth place, "The Tomb of God". The small defeat of the lone lone in the previous life is also a bitter and enmity master, and he is thinking about doing something inconsistent against the sky all day, and there is no idle time for nonsense. But the current Chen Nan is a bit unreliable. If he has something to do, he will have a little flower and a little grass, and he will be together all day with a few of his friends who are serious in the middle and second aura. They are a bit glib, but still acceptable.

Third place, "The Sacred Ruins". Although the novel has not been finished yet, the protagonist Chu Feng’s character and acting style are quite obvious. His biggest feature is that he is not very capable but is very good at talking, especially in the section of the auction of the saint son and saint daughter. The poor BB. Although it looks relatively cheap, but who is compared with.


Second place, "Perfect World". Shi Hao is a typical owe-cut bear child, with infinitely thick skin, especially the period when Shi Hao indecently incited Yuechan. It really hurts to look at it. From childhood to childhood, Shi Hao's whole life has gone through without skin and face, and he really slipped home.

First place, "Zhetian". When it comes to being shameless and shameless, Ye Fan is not aiming at anyone, and everything else is rubbish. Why Ye Fan is the enemy of the world at every turn. In fact, everyone is screaming and beating, and it is really hateful to do too many wicked things.

When he was weak, he would always let others suppress his realm and fight with him at the same level. When he was very strong, he would just forget the stubbornness. When it's okay, go out to tease, grab something good when you see it, basically belong to the supreme king of shameless world, the other protagonists really can't keep up with the horses, they really want to hit people when they hear the name Ye Hei.


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