The strongest supporting actor in the novel killed the male lead and became the protagonist himself!

In online novels, this often happens. The author suddenly doesn't know how to write a book halfway through, and then ends hastily, writing a rather cheating ending! Just like Mo Qingshui in "Qing Shi Di Xian", the author Jiu Feng wrote the protagonist to death for various reasons! Similar to this kind of strange novels, there are many kinds, but most of them are street-smashing works. Many popular novels will not have this situation, because they are afraid of being scolded by readers!

Therefore, their novels are either eunuchs or unfinished, but they will never design a strange way of death for the protagonist. Perhaps in their opinion, the ending of this novel is a bit sensational! Therefore, even if they eventually write the protagonist to death, they will use other methods, just as Su Ming in Ergen’s "Pray for Demons" is for the common people of the world, choosing death, and finally becoming the world. Of all the novels, the destiny is the most bitter. A male protagonist!


But there are exceptions to everything. There will still be some stronger existences among the great god writers. Just like the great god writers mentioned later, he killed the male lead in the book, but after the male lead died , The novel has no ending, but let the male lead the role and replace him as the male lead!

And this great writer is Yanyu Jiangnan, one of the strongest great writers in the Internet world, with a bachelor's degree from Fudan University and a master's degree in the UK! Open all of his novels and you will find that none of them are rubbish works, all of which are highly popular and high-quality works!

His heroine kills the hero, and the final novel is "Dust Fate", the most representative popular fairy tale novel! For this fairy tale novel, my personal evaluation is very high. I think there is a kind of fairy tale style, maybe because the writing style is too beautiful, so that this fairy tale novel exudes a quiet atmosphere!


At the beginning of the novel, there is a wedge, which tells the story of a side of bluestone transformed into a human being. Before the spiritual wisdom was turned on, the sky demon was accidentally released, so he was caught in the heaven and suffered the punishment of the sky thunder! And in the heavenly court, there is a god who urges the emperor to cancel the punishment of the sky thunder, so he is removed from the immortal collection, into the turbid world, and suffers the suffering of reincarnation together with the blue stone!

Then, the story officially unfolded. In Luoyang Mansion, there is a young man named Luo Feng. When he was just born, he was accompanied by a vision of heaven and earth. Purple lightning and cyan lightning accompanied him! Also, when Luo Feng was first born, he held a bluestone in his hand! Also, it didn't take long for Luo Feng to awaken his memory, he knew his past and present life, and he knew that this was the last life in the hundred lifetimes of his reincarnation! He wanted to return to Xianban to find the true whereabouts of the bluestone, so he got up and went to Kunlun...

All of this indicates that Luo Feng is the hero of "Dust Fate", but he never expected that he was killed by a black shop Xiaoer on the way to Kunlun! However, this shop's Xiaoer changed from a supporting role to the hero of the book!

And it is said that the reason why Yanyu Jiangnan wrote this at the time was because at the beginning, he was not satisfied with the hero's setting, so he decided to reshape a actor, so he let the actor kill the hero! Looking through all the fantasy and fairy-xia novels, very few can turn into the hero as a male partner.


The author of "Reverend Insanity" once revealed that he wanted to write Gu Yue Fang Yuan and let other supporting characters become the male lead, but in the end he didn't dare to write! One is afraid of being scolded, and the other is afraid that no one will read the novel in the future! Therefore, the shopkeeper in "Dust Fate" can be regarded as the strongest supporting role in the novel!

In fact, this is not the first time Yanyu Jiangnan has done such a thing. He also wrote a book before, called "Tianzhu". But he only wrote a brief introduction to this book, and he didn't write it again. Because he was not satisfied with the setting of the novel, he didn't plan to write it!

The reason why Yanda dared to do this was supported by a strong writing style and a number of fans. Changing to another great writer, I guess he would not dare to "dead" like this...

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