Inventory: Ten major protagonists surnamed Ye in online novels, see if you know a few

After reading online novels for so many years, I found that the protagonist’s surname is Ye, there are quite a lot of them, so I’ll take a look at this and share with you, it’s just a little bit of information besides reading online novels! Here are the top ten protagonists surnamed Ye in the author's inventory of online novels. How many do you know?

The first one: Ye Wudao

[Character Analysis] Ye Wudao, the protagonist of the urban novel "The Best Young Master", the big boy of the huge Ye family, the top three shadow Leng Feng of the world's most talkative killer list, and the gang leader of the underground dynasty , Integrating thousands of favorites, combining heaven and earth in one body, Ye Wudao is also the best son in the works of the princes of Fenghuo Opera. He promised Murong Xuehen, holding his hand to grow old with Zi; he promised Xia Shijun to shake the peach blossom for you for a lifetime; he even told Wu Nuanyue that he has no regrets in this life... This is the protagonist of "The Supreme Master"-Ye Wudao .

The second one: Ye Xiu

[Character analysis] Ye Xiu, the protagonist of the online game competitive novel "Full-time Master". He has a mysterious background. He left home for ten years to play games and was eventually known as the "Glory Textbook". He became the captain of Team Excellent Era and won glory for three consecutive years. The champion of the professional league, completed the Jia Dynasty belonging to the glory world, but because he refused to cooperate with the commercial operation of the team, he was eventually squeezed out by the team and was forced to retire. Go back to the Glory professional circle, defeat the old team Excellent Era team, and force the Excellent Era team to disband, and he led the new team to win again in the Glory Arena. He is Ye Xiu, the protagonist in "Full Time Master", the great god Ye Xiu, you do you remember?

Third: Ye Mo

[Character analysis] Ye Mo, the protagonist of the online novel "Strongest Abandoned Son", he was originally a cultivator, his sect was destroyed, and he was forced to travel with the beautiful master and came to the earth, but he became the abandoned young master of the Ye family Dude, how to cultivate on earth, how to find the beautiful master who has been separated from him, and to get rid of the name of his dude young master...One problem after another appeared in front of Ye Mo, and this young dean must be cautious. . Therefore, there is also the legend of Urban Comprehension "The Strongest Abandoned Young Master", Ye Mo, do you still remember this protagonist?


Fourth: Ye Kong

 [Character Analysis] Ye Kong, the protagonist of the online novel "The Cultivator of Immortals", he is a dude on earth, but by chance, he traveled to another world and became a cultivator of immortals. But he could hardly change his unruly character, and he was equally bold in the realm of Xiuxian, and it made the realm of Xiufei jump, and everyone saw him gritted his teeth. But he also values love and righteousness. When his family, friends, and sects are in distress, he will stand up and protect them without hesitation. Therefore, Ye Kong, the dude who came through the earth, although arrogant, eventually became a strong man in the world of immortality. Ye Kong, do you remember this character?

Fifth: Ye Fan

 [Character Analysis] Ye Fan, the protagonist of the online novel "Shaking the Sky", the protagonist of Chendong Dashen's novel portrays Ye Fan very meticulously. The story originated in the Nine Dragons pulling the coffin, and the protagonist Ye Fan was also visiting Mount Tai with his classmates. Because of the Nine Dragon pulling the coffin, a new world was opened, a world about the cultivator. Ye Fan knew what was extraordinary about him, and started his own practice, challenging one after another strong enemy, going through dangerous situations again and again, and finally defeating all enemies, proving the way with his strength, and becoming a strong in the world. , Reorganize the heavenly court. Do you remember Ye Fan, the protagonist of the novel "Zhetian"?

Sixth: Ye Chen

[Character analysis] Ye Chen, the protagonist of the online novel "Dominating Sword Immortal", he was originally an ordinary young man, but because of his travels and the fusion of his soul, he became an inexperienced kendo practitioner. One after another genius is in his He was eclipsed in front of him, one master after another was defeated by his sword, and his kendo was continuously upgraded by sword moves, sword intent, and sword soul, and eventually became the sword emperor, sword god, and finally reached the peak of kendo and the master of martial arts. He is a passionate and hard-working young man, this is a king of swords, he is the protagonist of "Swordsmanship" Ye Chen, do you remember this character?

Seventh: Ye Kai

 [Character Analysis] Ye Kai, the protagonist of Butterfly Blue Great God's novel "Crowd Alone", the game screen name Feng Xiaoxiao, is a guy who likes to escape but is extremely powerful. In the game, it is Feng Xiaoxiao's skill to run if he can't beat it, but it is also so angry that his opponent has no temper. But he was extremely loyal, and he would never agree to anyone who would bully his partner in the game. Under the humorous and humorous words of Butterfly Blue, Ye Kai in real life and the wind in the game are portrayed as a very funny and interesting character. "Crowd Alone", the protagonist Feng Xiao and Yekai, do you remember?


Eighth: Ye Tianxie

[Character analysis] Ye Tianxie, the protagonist of the Martian gravity online novel "The Evil Dragon Against the Sky", he was originally a general of the heavens, but because of the power of the claw emperor, he was awakened by the emperor, and was forced to reincarnate to the earth and become a man The young man who likes to act recklessly, changed his name to Xietian, used online games to change his job against the evil dragon and became the Golden Dragon God, and embarked on a path of evil dragon against the sky. He is the protagonist Ye of "The Evil Dragon Against the Sky" God evil, do you know?

Ninth: Ye Qiu

[Character analysis] Ye Qiu, the protagonist of Liu Xiahui's novel "Close Bodyguard", he is a mysterious boy from a mountain village, with extraordinary skill and powerful strength, was ordered to protect the beautiful heroine Tang Guo, he is cunning and despicable, But he is dedicated to his duties. He likes the heroine, but he has a heavy responsibility. He doesn't dare to easily confess that this young man is Ye Qiu, the protagonist of "Close Bodyguard", do you still remember?

Tenth: Ye Huang

[Character analysis] Ye Huang, the protagonist of the internet writer Dark Rise of the Novel "Special Teacher", he was originally a killer king, but became a university teacher. With the transformation of his status and the interweaving of love and hatred, where will he go? For whom do men’s tears shed, for the common people and for the beauty? He doesn't even know how to choose. He is the protagonist of "Special Teacher", Ye Huang, do you remember?

After counting so many, I found that there are really many protagonists surnamed Ye in online novels. What else do you know? Can discuss with me, welcome to leave a message in Panda Novels, this is also a very interesting phenomenon in online novels! Okay, that's it, thank you, goodbye!