Three fantasy harem liu novels, in the process of training countless girls, and many beautiful women as companions!

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Today, Panda recommends to everyone: three fantasy harem liu novels, in the process of practice, there are countless sisters, and many beautiful women as companions!


First book: "World Defying Dan God" Author :Ji Xiao Zei

Introduction: The young Chen Xiang has gained no inheritance, gained the god-defying veins, learned peerless magic, and mastered the superb elixir, which made him proud of the spring breeze on the road of martial arts... when he is hungry, he makes pill for snacks, and plays when he is bored. Those martial arts experts who come to seek pill.

Guide to the pit:

In the middle of the night, on the top of a high mountain in the forest, there was a burst of green light, which looked like a star descending on the top of the mountain from a distance. In order to avoid the visions caused by the practice being discovered, Chen Xiang went to remote mountains and forests to practice on the excuse of collecting medicine.

In order to be able to ingest more spiritual energy, and to sense the wind and thunder between the sky and the earth, Chen Xiang climbed to the top of the mountain. At this time, he saw the clouds on the top of the mountain churning, the wind was strong, and occasionally the clouds flickered. There were waves of thunder and lightning, and the thunder and lightning fell straight down, hitting the top of the mountain, as if it were about to split the mountain.

This amazing vision was caused by Chen Xiang's practice of the Azure Dragon magical skill. The violent wind, thunder and lightning were all caused by him during the whole day of cultivating. At this moment, the thunder and lightning strikes on his body, which not only tempers his body, but also allows him to absorb the powerful thunder and lightning power into the body. . This kind of behavior can be described as madness. You must know that thunder and lightning is the most destructive celestial phenomenon in nature. Even if a high-powered warrior who has entered the realm of martial arts dare not face it at will, Chen Xiang's cultivation of the Azure Dragon magical skill requires the use of heaven. Thunder assist.

This bizarre sight lasted until midnight, and Chen Xiang's face that was distorted by suffering also slowly recovered. His clothes had already been chopped to pieces, and there were many scorched and smoked scars. However, there was cyan light gleaming on those scars, and the cyan light had a strong wood attribute aura.


The second book:《Against the Gods》Author :Mars Gravity 

Introduction: The Orb of Hand-Heaven Poison, Inheriting the Blood of the Heretic God, Cultivating the Power of Defying Heaven, A Generation of Heretic God, King Over the World!

Guide to the pit:

Although he had a marriage contract with Xia Qingyue since he was a child, apart from occasional glimpses when he was young, this was the first time he saw Xia Qingyue's true face after he was ten years old...because Xia Qingyue rarely goes out of her boudoir, And Xiao Che, who knew that his profound veins were disabled and was filled with inferiority and self-blame, seldom walked out of Xiao Clan, but occasionally heard from the words of others and heard of the peerless elegance of Xia Qingyue after she matured. A vague image has been sketched in the longing.

At this moment, seeing Xia Qingyue's true face finally disappeared in an instant, the shadow he had been fantasizing about. Because the beauty of Xia Qingyue completely surpassed his imagination, he could not describe what kind of peerless elegance it was. There was a long period of blur. Xia Qingyue was called the number one beauty in Floating Cloud City, but at this time, even if someone said she was the number one beauty in the Blue Wind Empire, Xiao Che would never doubt that he could not imagine what kind of grace could surpass him. The most beautiful scenery.

And the girl in front of me is still the same age as me, only sixteen years old. A girl of this age will not have time to bloom in full beauty in the future. If a few years pass, I can't imagine the realm of Xia Qingyue's charm... Perhaps, it will be beautiful to an illusory level.


Third book:《Heavenly Jewel Change》Author :Tang Jia San Shao

Introduction: Three fantasy harem liu novels, in the process of training countless girls, and many beauties as companions! People have natal beads, which are either sacred beads or body beads after awakening, such as bracelets hovering on the left and right wrists. Dzi beads are like twins of human beings. When the mind and body double beads appear on a person at the same time, they are called dzi beads. A person who cultivates body beads is a body bead master, and a person who practices mind beads is a mind bead master.

Guide to the pit:

Because of the congenital meridian occlusion, Zhou Weiqing, as a nobleman, went to an ordinary school. He only knew a little bit about the abilities of the jewel master. Otherwise, he would not have such a big judgment error. If Tiffany was the first The skills of the natal jewel can produce such terrifying power, then she can't simply call it a genius, not to mention, if it is really like that, his body will be blown up at that time.

"What the hell is the black bead?" Although other judgments were incorrect, Zhou Weiqing thought clearly that the serious injury he was hit by the bursting fireball must have been cured by the black bead. "Is my character so good? What adventure did I get?"

When Zhou Weiqing thought of this, his heart suddenly became hot. Although he was born into such a family, he was born into such a family. In his heart, he hoped that he could have more powerful power than anyone else. Turning his head and looking around, he immediately locked a tall star tree next to him as his target.

The star tree is named because its leaves are pentagonal, like the stars in the sky. The trunk of the star tree that is more than a hundred years old has become a material. It is extremely hard but not lacking in toughness. It is the best material for making strong bows. Zhou Weiqing ran up to the star tree in a few steps, made a gesture of his own fist, and hit the rough and uneven trunk of the star tree with a fierce punch.

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