The top novel in fantasy novels, "The Sacred Ruins" is the last, the first few are simply too classic

In many cases, we are more willing to pursue some finished novels. Although those unfinished novels have a certain degree of suspense, once the author abandons the pit, it can really make people feel very unhappy. Today I would like to recommend five relatively popular fantasy novels. Panda personally believes that these five novels are still of high quality. !


1 "The Great Master"

This book is from Heavenly Silkworm Potato. The content in the book is very expressive, and the plot is also ups and downs and fascinating. In this book, it focuses on the details of some spirit beast combat skills and so on. It also has great advantages in the description of actions. Compared with other books, the biggest advantage of this novel is that He was able to use some details to portray all the plot content, and with the help of these depictions to make the characters into the plot, this novel has always been loved and praised by the majority of book lovers.


2 "The Legend of the Dragon King"

The author of this novel is the famous Third Young Master of Tang Family. I have also read a lot of novels written by Tang Jia San Shao, many of the times I can’t put it down, and this novel is my favorite. The plot was the biggest selling point when the third master of the Tang family was creating it. It can make you cry and laugh. Whether it is a funny segment or a sensational part, it will keep your memory fresh, and this novel is also full of tears, and a story of love and responsibility will unfold.


3 "God Emperor"

This book is relatively niche. I read it after being recommended by others at the time, but I just couldn't stop after reading a part of it. The environment described in this book is really immersive. Many times, I am fascinated by reading it, as if I am watching this scene from the side with a third vision. Prosperous banquet. In this novel, you can truly realize your dream of cultivating immortals.


4 "Fantasy"

To say that the last one introduced a small audience, compared with the first two, this novel is even more unpopular. This novel is uncharacteristically written in a relaxed and lively way. It can be said that it is so. The martial arts biography in many fantasy novels allows you to finish reading this book in a very relaxed and funny atmosphere. This book has obvious advantages in terms of advancing the content of the story or portraying characters. If you like a relaxed style, this one is the first choice!


5 "The Sacred Ruins"

This novel is simply the white moonlight in the heart of the panda. It is a work strongly promoted by the panda. It can be said that whether it is in the environment or the plot, whether it is the details or the frame, all are the models of the series that have won my heart. No matter which part it is, it can blow me up instantly. Especially in the plot, after reading the entire novel, I simply breathed a sigh of relief, which really made me feel particularly comfortable. If you have to rank among these five books, then this one is definitely my favorite.

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