What is the end of molesting the heroine in the novel? He was beaten to death by the male protagonist, and the sect was destroyed!


1. "The Tomb of God" ~ Fairy Master

The most incredible thing in "The Tomb of the Gods" is that Chen Nan and Meng Ke'er walked together. The two people can be said to be endless at first, but I did not expect Chen Dong's brain to be so big that they would let two people. Come together in an incredible way! When the two sides fought, they both fell off the cliff and lost their memory again, and then they were happy together for a few days!

Unexpectedly, Meng Ke'er became pregnant later, and Chen Nan was stunned when she learned that Meng Keer was pregnant, and it happened that there was an immortal master from the heaven who was molesting Meng Ke'er, Chen Nan. I was anxious at the time, and said to the fairy master, "Do you know who she is? Although she is not my wife, she is my child and her mother. Her mother’s idea of beating my child is to make trouble with my child, and to be with my child. If you feel sorry for it, you just feel sorry for me!"

The immortal master collapsed at that time, he did not believe what Chen Nan said, because Meng Keer was cold and pure in his heart! But Chen Nan couldn't take care of so much, he dared to molest the child, you can't do it, he kicked the fairy teacher from the snow mountain!


2. "Battle Through the Heavens" ~ Lion Sky


In the middle of "Battle Through the Heavens", Xiao Yan went to Zhongzhou, but Medusa was still in the Northwest Continent. Later on the Northwest Continent there was a Lion and Heavenly man. With the addition of the Soul Palace, he wanted to create the Xiao family. Eliminates the forces, and wants to take Medusa over and become a wife! At that time, he asked Medusa to surrender, otherwise he would destroy the Yan League, and his tone was not arrogant.


At the critical moment, Xiao Yan appeared and hugged Medusa! This scene can make Lion Tian annoyed, because he had long considered Medusa as a forbidden, so he had to fight Xiao Yan, but he was stunned and embarrassed to death...


3. "War God Storm" ~ Nan Wu Nian

"Valkyrie Storm", a fantasy novel by Little White Mouse, the keynote of the whole book is passionate and humorous. The humor resembles the style of "Nine Heavens of Proud World", and it feels like "Death of God" when it is passionate. Generally speaking, it is quite good. Not bad, but because the writing ability is still limited, it is not suitable for old bookworms to read, and the hottest part of this book is that the heroine is molested, and the hero kills the woman who attempted to profanity in a rage. The lord's supporting role, and also destroyed his sect!

At the earliest time, the male protagonist Tang Yan and the female protagonist Niya experienced together, and they were separated in a secret realm. Niya gained the inheritance of the lost sorcerer. In order to become stronger, the male protagonist has practiced everywhere, and in the process of the experience, he has been inquiring about Niya's news all the time! When I heard her again later, it was the news that she was going to marry. The male protagonist did not believe that Niya would betray, so she found her fiance Nan Wunian! At that time, Nan Wunian was bragging with a group of friends, friends, and friends, talking about Niya, and also said that after marrying her, let everyone have a taste!

This enraged Tang Yan forced him to tell the reason why Niya married him, only to realize that Niya's memory was washed away! In a fit of anger, the male lead beat Nan Wunian to death, smashing the bones of his whole body little by little, and finally let his soul fly away! At that time, Nan Wunian's sect was also resolutely unwilling to surrender Niya. Tang Yan destroyed the entire sect in a rage, killing all the elders, it can be said that he became an angry confidant...

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