Appreciation of Heavenly Silkworm Potato Internet Novel

In the world of online literature, Heavenly Silkworm Potato is also an amazing writer. His novels "Battle Through the Heavens", "Wu Dong Qian Kun" and "The Great Master" are all very popular. I have always admired the author's work. Today, Panda takes a brief appreciation of several works by the author and shares them with you here. I hope you can give me some suggestions.


The author's first online novel: "Battle Through the Heavens"

[Fiction Appreciation] Among the many works of the authors, the author believes that the most representative work is "Battle Through the Heavens".

This novel may be called Xiao Baiwen by many people, but it really brings us into a dreamlike alien world, a alien world without magic and only grudge. And in this alien world, there are also intrigues and intrigues, and of course there is no shortage of blood.

When the book was first published, I started chasing this novel. This novel may be linguistically popular, or as many friends say, it is very simple, but I have to admit that the plot of this novel is quite attractive. Especially at the beginning of the novel, Nalan Yanran used Yun Lanzong's strength to come to Xiao's family to ask for her divorce, while Xiao Yan, in desperation, actually wrote a divorce letter, which made people feel particularly relieved.

It can be said that since the protagonist said, "Don't bully the young man," I really started to like this novel. In the subsequent episodes, Xiao Yan continued to cultivate fighting spirit with Yao Lao's help, and finally became a pharmacist. All these episodes were really fascinating. It can be said that when the author writes this novel, every step should be set in advance, so that readers can have expectations for the next plot!

In fact, in my opinion, the reason why this novel has become the author’s representative work is not only because of its high popularity on the Internet, but also because this novel is a concentrated expression of the author’s writing style, and the author’s future writing routines are also in Shaped in this novel. More importantly, the plot of this novel is easy to understand, and it has become the blueprint of many novels, so I will first write the reading experience of this novel here.


The author's second online novel: "Warcraft Sword Saint Alien"

[Fiction Appreciation] "Warcraft Sword Saint Alien" is the author's earliest online novel. From the name of this novel, we can tell that it is a novel of crossing different worlds. There are two ways to write alien novels: one is to write directly on alien continents in the past, with the dreamlike charm of alien continents, to substitute readers into alien continents. Many early fantasy novels were written in this way. At that time, because there were very few fantasy novels, readers were still able to accept this kind of writing.

However, with the emergence of various alien worlds, readers are often aesthetically tired of directly writing novels in alien worlds, and they gradually need a reasonable way to lead readers into alien worlds. This kind of writing appeared. Through the protagonist, the bridge between the real world and the alien continent was built, which made the existence of the alien continent have certain reasonable factors. This is the second way of writing alien novels. "Warcraft Sword Saint Alien Aspect" is also used in this way of writing.

In "Warcraft Sword Saint Alien World", the protagonist Liu Feng is a master of World of Warcraft. He accidentally crosses into the world of Warcraft, and can only rely on his own efforts to struggle and survive in this world. . This novel feels like an online game novel at first. Readers who are not interested in the game of Warcraft will probably not read this novel. However, if you really read this novel, you will know that it is a real passionate and alien hegemony novel, and the reading experience is quite good.


The author's third online novel: "Wu Dong Qian Kun"

[Fiction Appreciation] Speaking of this novel, compared with "Battle Through the Heavens", it is also the feeling of new wine in old bottles. Apart from the different background and level setting of the novel, the plot routine is actually the same. In my opinion, it is precisely because the author continues the writing routine of "Battle Through the Heavens" that the writing of "Wu Dong Qian Kun" is quite smooth! In fact, this is also very easy to understand.


When a writer is recognized by readers for a writing routine, he is naturally accustomed to using this routine. This novel is indeed successful in continuation of this routine, and the level setting, background and plot are quite novel for readers. This also makes this novel quite popular, but it also catches up with " "Battle Through the Heavens", of course, the premise is that readers are not bored with the author's writing routines that they are already familiar with.


In "Wu Dong Qian Kun", the protagonist is a young man named Lin Dong. The story still takes place in another world. It can be said that the plot of this novel is very closely connected, perhaps because of the "Battle Through the Heavens" pearl. Previously, the author was very handy when designing the plot of this novel. Therefore, the author was quite attracted by the plot in this novel, especially the passionate plot, which is indeed worth reading!


The author's fourth online novel: "The Great Master"

[Fiction Appreciation] "The Great Master" is the author's fourth online novel. This novel also describes a different world. Although it is different from the other world in the previous novels, in the end thousands of rivers return to the sea. It also belongs to a plane in the great world described in the author's novel. According to the author's thinking, "The Great Master" is still related to the previous novels.

The protagonist in this novel is named Mu Chen, and his alien continent has also been replaced by the real Great Thousand World. It can be said that this novel is still a continuation of previous writing routines. But what I have to point out is that this novel may be rated well by some platforms, but when the reader is asked to repeat a certain writing routine, then the reader will definitely be bored. This is the point. There is a concentrated expression in this novel.

Perhaps, this novel is a manifestation of the author's use of the original writing routines to the extreme, but in terms of enthusiasm, this novel is a bit clichéd, and compared with the previous novels, it is somewhat different. However, I am also intermittently. After reading this novel, my reading experience may be slightly inferior to the previous two novels by Tiancan Tudou, but I have to admit that this novel should also be regarded as an excellent online novel.


Author's fifth online novel: "Dragon Prince Yuan"

 [Fiction Appreciation] "Dragon Prince Yuan" is the author's fifth novel.

This novel still has an oriental fantasy color. Unlike the author's previous novels, it is slightly innovative in its writing routines. In the author's opinion, this novel should also be regarded as a new attempt by the author to subvert the original writing style! After all, pure oriental fantasy genre novels still have a certain degree of difficulty compared with novels on the other world continents.


And the author wants to try to change some of the original writing styles and writing routines, which still requires a certain amount of courage and courage, but in fact, as long as the habits are excellent, the development of online literature is also changing with each passing day, who can always hold a kind of writing How to eat for a lifetime? After all, even if the reader is not bored with reading, the author will be bored with writing. And it is precisely because the author has the courage to transform his own work and writing style, it is also the beginning of another world.

The above is a simple appreciation of Panda's five online novels by the author. Panda will share with you here. We welcome your comments and suggestions.


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