Inventory of the ten most powerful exercises in fantasy novels!

There are many exercises against the sky in fantasy novels. Here is a panda to check the ten most powerful exercises in fantasy novels!

The tenth place: Chaos God Grinding Ideas This exercise is the exercise method used by Zhou Yuan, the protagonist of Dragon Prince Yuan, to cultivate spirits. This technique was accompanied by a divine mill when the chaos first opened. Every time the divine mill rotates, it will be accompanied by the death of the chaos divine demon. Cultivating this technique, the divine mill only needs to rotate the divine soul once, and the divine soul will be transformed once, after which, the divine soul will be immortal.

The ninth place: Eight-Nine Profound Technique This technique is the technique practiced by the protagonist Meng Qi in the novel's first generation. Practicing the eight or nine profound arts in the novel, such as entering the Tao as an immortal body, such as escaping into the Buddha, the bodhi body can be embodied as a sacred and immortal, and it can also have three heads, six arms and great magical powers such as heaven and earth, and it is infinitely powerful.


Eighth Place Immortal Technique This is the technique practiced by Zhou Weiqing, the protagonist of Heavenly Jewel Change. The practice of this exercise is extremely demanding, and it requires a mortal determination to practice. However, after successful cultivation, he can live the same life as the heaven and earth, and he can also possess the undead gods who can automatically determine the danger.

The seventh congenital gossip is the practice practiced by Zhou Yue, the protagonist of the humane supreme. The congenital gossip practice integrates the eighty-one innate avenues in the world, and is formed by the fusion of the congenital heart sutras such as the gods and demons Taiji diagram and the Leihuang Tianlu Heart Sutra. Later, you can comprehend the mysteries of the universe, and you can form the inner universe even when you reach the deepest point.

The sixth place is Immortal Sutra The practice practiced by the protagonist Shi Hao in the novel Perfect World. The Immortal Sutra is the strongest self-cultivation method in the world. After being practiced, the body is immortal and perpetually in the world. Even if the soul is shattered, spiritual consciousness can be reborn. The Immortal Sutra has gone through multiple epochs, and its strength has surpassed the limitations of the times. , The supreme collection designed for humanoid creatures.


The fifth place Immortal Technique is the technique practiced by Lin Ming, the protagonist in the novel Martial World. This technique is to bring the ultimate effect of the Great Reincarnation Technique. Successful cultivation can integrate the eternal soul, and it can last forever between the heaven and the earth.

The fourth place Fen Jue, the protagonist Xiao Yan in Battle Through the Heavens, practiced the technique. Fen Jue’s anti-sky is not how powerful it was at the beginning, but that its technique can be used to infinitely upgrade the level of the technique through flames. . The protagonist Xiao Yan swallowed the different fires and evolved into the Emperor Yan through this technique, and the level of Fen Jue continued to rise without stopping.

The third place is Tianlong Mind Method, which is practiced by Gu Chensha, the protagonist in the novel Dragon Talisman. . The Tianlong Mind Technique has gone beyond the scope of martial arts and Taoism. It is a product of all civilizations. Only the fragments of Mind Technique can conquer the world and condense the position of the true god, and the complete technique can condense the position of the emperor of heaven. Level with heaven.


The second Cthulhu Jue, the protagonist Yun Che in Against the Gods, is the practice method. The Cthulhu Jue is inherited from the ancient Cthulhu, formerly known as the Forbidden Tome of Gods and Demons. There are 7 levels. Each level is opened to obtain the corresponding power against the sky. No need to practice and skills, just open the border. However, the level requirements for opening this technique are very high, and reaching 5 levels is already the limit.

The first place, he transforms into the law. The practice practiced by Emperor Huangtian in the novel Perfect World is the most powerful law of Emperor Huangtian. This method is an invincible method performed by Emperor Huang Tian through the baptism of years. This method can deduce any Dao method of a person who has a bond with him, and there is no limit. It only takes time to deduce countless methods without limitation.

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