What are the powerful characters in modern fantasy novels?

Who is the most powerful character in modern fantasy novels?

Worlds, full of wonders. The biggest difference between humans and animals is that humans have strong thinking ability and can record their thoughts, opinions and experiences in words.

In this world, there are only things you can't think of, and nothing is impossible to write.

With the development of science and technology and the advent of the Internet age, mankind has a better understanding of the universe. Now as long as you want to write, you can write. This has inspired countless people’s writing inspiration, and countless outstanding authors have emerged, creating countless brand new ones for readers. Worldview. In modern novels, fantasy novels, gods and monsters novels, etc., mostly describe the myth of superpowers.

In these novels, their protagonists are very powerful, but if you want to find the most powerful one, who would you choose?


1 Founding Yuanling

The fictitious characters in the modern online novel "The Wilderness" have a natural primordial spirit at the beginning of the universe, who has developed a spiritual orifice, and has gradually become sane. After this Yuanling has practiced for several generations, the Yuanling's merits and virtues are completed, and Taoism is achieved. In the long and unbearable chaotic universe, the founding Yuanling became the only "conscious person" in the universe, enduring unimaginable loneliness. It seems that, in order to accomplish a certain agreed and mysterious mission, the founding Yuanling used the supreme spiritual power of the artifact, but he didn't know where to come from four creatures with different images and new spirits. They are the ancestor of Hongjun, the ancestor of Hunkun, the empress of Nuwa, and the prince of Lu Ya.

2 Huang Tiandi

From "Perfect World", the monks at the end of the ancient chaos, with unparalleled talents, were born for cultivating the Tao, for the catastrophe, the ultimate splendor in his life, creating endless legends. Incarnate in the rain of billions of blood, shed eternal years, experience countless time and space, and the baptism of the years, he has transformed into eternity, he has become free, reunited in his real body, completely stepped into the realm of the immortal emperor, and formally perfected it as the law of the emperor." He transformed into Dafa," and killed the Immortal Corpse Emperor who lived the longest and the most powerful in the perfect world with an invincible posture.


3 Ji Ning

Chaos immortal (world god)-the king of life and death [divided into one step, two steps, three steps, four steps, one step for life and death]-eternal emperor (ordinary emperor, top emperor, lord of the holy city, master, the other universe Lord) [The cultivator succeeds in breaking through the integration of Taoism on the edge of civilization, and if it fails, the true spirit will collapse (Jining will not be reversible before the law of immortality of true spirits, and will be reversible after Ji Ning becomes the eternal emperor), and the body will disappear. ——Supreme [Cultivate multiple ways of dominance, and then integrate them to form a breakthrough in the origin of all paths] The ultimate way of eternal emperor [Master the eternal ultimate way, in height, is comparable to the supreme’s "origin of all paths", only in breadth There are flaws. 】——Half-step ultimate supreme [comprehend the way of great destruction, strength is overwhelming than supreme]——ultimate supreme [understand the creation of the other side of great destruction, master the way of ultimate supreme]——master of the chaotic universe [ Refining and controlling the chaotic universe].

4 Fang Han

Combining the power of the ancient demon realm, the pure land of bliss, the kingdom of the gods, and the ocean of dragon power, it has been cultivated into an unknown realm that unites the four realms of "Buddha, Demon, God, and Dragon". [Can be opened: the vitality channel of the Buddha, the fairy, the dragon, and the virtual gods], later used the pill world to create the meta world, accommodate the doormen, and save the world. He will not be destroyed if the world is destroyed.


5 Ye Fan

Emperor Ye Tian, the protagonist of Chen Dong's fairy-xia novel "Zhetian", finally used his strength to prove the way, breaking the curse of the emperor of the Eucharist, achieving the emperor's status, pacifying the six forbidden areas, gaining the recognition of all races, and respecting the universe. Empress Cheng lived for the ninth generation, opening an era of unprecedented rule. In the eighth life, the red dust was immortal. In the ninth life, he joined forces with Emperor Ruthless, Emperor Wu Shi, and Duan De to fight the immortal road, cut the undead emperor and the emperor, open the fairyland, and lift the heavens to fly immortals.

6 Han Li

Han Li, written by wang yu, the protagonist of A Record of a Mortal's Journey to Immortality, an ancestor of time, guided by the palm of the sky bottle spirit, understands the law of chaos, that is, the most original law of 3000 Dadao. Master Heavenly Court, Wild and Demon Realm.


7 wang lin

Wang Lin, the protagonist of the fairy-xia novel "Renegade Immortal" written by Ergen. With one's own strength, become famous in the realm of comprehension. As one of the strong men in the space after the reincarnation of Bald Crane, Su Ming's life and death partner in "Seeking the Devil". After detaching himself from "I Shall Seal the Heavens", he walked into the boundless world, and he broke Luo Tian's finger.

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