Why is it possible to read online novels, but it is very difficult to read other novels?

I remember when I was in high school, it was two or three in the middle of the night, but a roommate giggled under the quilt and asked him what he was doing. He said he was reading a novel. At that time, I couldn't understand that I could be so fascinated by reading a novel, even to the point of madness, watching it day and night, almost eating it as a meal.

Later, I learned that it was the age of the bronze age of online novels, when the great gods of all walks of life established their positions. Then why are online novels still hot today? Some people would say that of course Diaosi counterattack is popular, because many people are Diaosi and they all love to watch it. "Thirty years in Hedong, 30 years in Hexi" or "Don't bully the young and poor". So is the reason really like this?

Of course, there is no shortage of such plots and main lines of such narratives in online novels. Indeed, it also satisfies some people's counterattack psychology. But this is definitely not the main reason why online novels are so popular. So what is the reason?

First, compare it with traditional novels and even other literature.

The first is that online novels are highly readable, which is particularly obvious.

Other literature is more laborious to read a few pages, but online novels can be read for days and nights without sleep.

The readability does not mean that the vocabulary used is relatively simple and clear, but the logic is reflected.

On the contrary, some vocabulary in online novels is rather complicated, mysterious and mysterious, which makes people feel very powerful.

But the logic is much weaker, a large number of plots can be said to be a small number of words, and the logic loopholes are particularly obvious. In contrast, other literary logic systems are more rigorous, and the plots that appear are also necessary.


Is there any problem with this? Online literature allows you to be fed without thinking. But you can't understand the others if you don't think about it. Therefore, the readability of online literature is relatively strong.

The second reason is that everyone has been young. What reason is this?

This is the most important reason. Many online novels talk about how Diaosi counterattacks on the surface, how to move from weak to strong step by step. Essentially speaking, it is a resistance to power. Many boys actually have a heroic dream. They all want to become heroes who will one day save the common people.

For example, in many novels, some black hands who have existed for countless tens of thousands of years use the world's sentient beings as farms to harvest arbitrarily in order to achieve ulterior goals.


And the protagonist's turnout finally overturned all of this. So in essence, it is a resistance to power, not just as a counterattack against diaosi. Who dreams, who resists the most, of course young people! If an old man with a hot wife and a kang-head thinks about this all day long, isn't it naive?

Are there any advantages or disadvantages of online novels?

The pros and cons are specific to specific groups of people, and it doesn’t make sense to talk about good and bad regardless of specific groups of people. The crowd we are talking about is called juveniles for the time being. So what is the difference between good and bad for them?

When it comes to online novels, parents are a little bit distracted, and feel that their children are harmless and useless by reading such novels. In fact, I think what I should pay more attention to is if he doesn't read novels, why should he go? The Internet has not risen, and novels have not been popular. What are young children doing?

How to vent their vigorous energy? I remember that there were more gangs and gangs in those days. Later, with the rise of the Internet, there were indeed fewer fights, but Internet cafes have become a headache for parents, and you can hear all kinds of Internet addicted teenagers at every turn.

However, with the popularization of mobile smart phones, the number of Internet addicted teenagers disappeared automatically, and the number of children who are addicted to games or who do bad things because of games has increased.

So for young people, it is not whether they can read online novels, but what they should do. Internet novels are really not very good for young people. It is difficult to control themselves and easy to indulge. Moreover, the values conveyed in the book cannot be distinguished well for younger groups. Once the easiest period of shaping the three views is gone, Needless to say after going up the wrong road.


Internet novels are not good, so he can't let him read them, so what should he do? Many people say study, but is your child so behaved? Without proper guidance, even if reading online novels is forbidden, he will play games or do other things, and these things are not necessarily less harmful than reading online novels.

Internet novels are not scourges, and they have a lot of merits. It is more important for young people how parents guide them. For those who have matured Sanguan, it is also good to have fun when they are bored.

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