The three black technologies in "Three-Body"

Reading "Three Body" constantly broadened my imagination world, and I admire the author's thinking very much.

There was a saying: light and telephone upstairs and downstairs. I don’t know what era of hope this sentence is, but now we have truly experienced it! However, the three black technologies in "Three-Body" don't know when they will be realized.


1 gene bomb

Logic originally lived a carefree life, but as a wall-facer, after all, he still has to bear corresponding responsibilities. Maybe logic didn't expect that this kind of life would be completely broken on the night of kidnapping his wife, which made him think of himself as a wall-facer.

Even if you don't think about the future of all mankind, you have to think about your wife and children, otherwise you will be worthy of being a man! After a long period of calm thinking, Logic found that he had always been a wall-facer thinking about the future of mankind, but he had never thought of a good way to solve the world’s problems.

He recalled the conversation with Teacher Ye Wenjie and found a solution, but it will be decades later to finally verify whether it is feasible. As soon as the plan was completed, I felt uncomfortable, and the fever continued. The best medical team in the world was at a loss for his condition. The only way to treat him in hibernation is in the future. The medical team concluded that logic was attacked by a gene bomb.

Gene bombs can cause one person's death by changing a person's genetic sequence without causing harm to other people. Logic hid in a secret working space deep underground. Normal weapons could not attack him, but the gene bomb was still unknowingly brought to the secret space. It can be seen that gene bombs are really pervasive and hard to guard against! If a gene bomb is made, it must be controlled and used!


2 Space elevator

Our common elevators are dozens of floors to hundreds of floors, and we enter and exit each of our small homes. Elevators have indeed brought convenience to our modern society, but have you ever thought about building a space elevator?

Allowing you to travel in space is as convenient as returning to your own home!

The United States is still engaged in space tourism projects, will there be no market then? In "Three-Body", the space elevator is for the people of the space fleet to get in and out of the atmosphere and experience the passage of the space fleet's career! I really want to experience this black technology!


3 supercomputers

One of the wall-facers hibernated early because the technology he needed was not created by humans. But he didn't expect that the human technology will change greatly in three to five years. He was awakened in advance because the technology was broken. The supercomputer is born! Hundreds of millions of chips are organized,

It operates like a human brain. Do you want to own such a computer? Artificial intelligence is looking for this, isn't it? There is still a long way for artificial intelligence in reality to achieve the effects in "Three-Body"!

But in reality we can't hibernate, maybe we can't see these black technologies! But now that you have this concept, let it be realized by a capable scientist! Dare to think is the wheel of technological progress!

So you still know which high-tech in the three-body system, welcome to panda novels and leave a message for me to discuss