Time, space, life and death, why are they called the three supreme laws in fantasy novels

Speaking of fantasy novels, we will definitely think of the overhead world and the understanding of the laws and avenues in this world by every cultivator. And we often say that there are three thousand avenues, which is enough to explain the number of avenue laws. But in this vast avenue, there are always three unchanging principles of the highest—time, space, and life and death. So why are they called the three supreme laws?

Time and space are always a pair of twins, the ancients said, the upper and lower quarters are called the universe, and the ancient and the present are called the universe. This is the earliest explanation of time and space by the ancients. The space in the eyes of modern people is the three-dimensional world we often talk about. And this three-dimensional world, because of distance, length, and superiority, naturally has an elusive concept.

We live in space, which can be felt with certainty. There are even many things that can be done in this space, but we still cannot understand the true meaning of the entire space. Whether it is the space wormhole in modern theoretical values or the space jump, these are all related to space.


Everyone is in a three-dimensional space. Whether it is our fantasy world or the world we live in, space is an indispensable thing. It is precisely because of the indispensability of space that it shows its power. Once there is no space, everything ceases to exist.

As far as time is concerned, we often put a word on our lips, time is a killing knife. It seems to be a slight ridicule, but it also shows the power of time. The vicissitudes of life, the passage of time, the white clouds and the gray dogs, and the flying rabbits, time can smooth everything out, and it can also make a person change from a young and strong laborer to an older person.

The normal existence of a world cannot be separated from the existence of space and the ravages of time. Without time, everything is forbidden in an instant, nothing can exist, and naturally a story cannot happen. For fantasy novels, the time difference between different worlds is also extremely important.

So in the eyes of the author, time is essential after space is available. Once he has mastered the space, then he has mastered the foothold of this world, once he has mastered the time, then this person has mastered the life span of the person in this world. So no matter how you look at it, time and space, as essential factors in fantasy novels, are naturally hailed as one of the highest laws.


When there is time and space in a world, then there are prerequisites for the birth of creatures in this world. But if there is only time and space, it is often not enough. Because time and space are like a piece of hardware in Nao, without software, this computer still cannot be turned on at all.

And this software is the law of life and death. And the law of life and death mentioned here does not simply refer to life or death, it represents creation and destruction. Everything is born in the mutual promotion of creation and destruction. What is creation refers to the appearance of all things; what is destruction; refers to the disappearance of all things.

Just like yin and yang tai chi, black and white alternation will have a real balance. Where there is creation, there is destruction. This is a pair of opposing laws, which are not independent of each other like time and space, but are interdependent. Creation and destruction are the beginning of all life in this world and the end of all things.

In the eyes of the author of fantasy novels, the world without these two laws is nothing but nothingness. Even if there are countless hours in the nothingness, it has meaning. The real meaning is that time and space are interdependent, and creation and destruction are opposed to each other. The world composed of the four of them can truly be regarded as a living world.

In fact, in the final analysis, the world view of every novel is created based on the real world. And the four laws mentioned in every novel are not some real and illusory things in our world? When they emerge, we may understand that what the author is telling us is a real and fictitious world.

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