The repetitive and playful humanity in the three-body science fiction novel

As the top of the pyramid of science fiction, the three-body science fiction novel surpasses ordinary cognition of the universe and the reverie of civilization, as if it has pulled the beautiful heaven in the alien fantasy of mankind into the naked hell. Of course, all of this is related to morality. It has nothing to do. Survival is the first element, just like human beings kill an ant.

When the two-directional foil is used as a weapon, and the low-speed black hole is transformed into the interstellar Great Wall, I can only sigh my lack of imagination. In addition to the science fiction plot, there are also the society, political system, and complex human nature depicted in the book. They make readers feel that it is a living society, and it may even be something that is about to happen in the future.

The book has repeatedly used small pages to describe the attitudes of human society towards hot events, but this attitude always reverses too quickly, highlighting the complex human nature, and even the same as the real society.


1. Many reversals of Cheng Xin's attitude

A feminine society has taken a fancy to Cheng Xin's motherhood and pushed her to the position of the sword bearer, becoming the "Virgin Mary" in the hearts of mankind.

However, as Cheng Xin failed to deter the Trisolarans and gave up on gravitational waves, mankind was forced to migrate to Australia and lost the gentle homeland he once had. Cheng Xin was subject to overwhelming condemnation and personal attacks.

After witnessing the destruction of the Trisolaran world, the public's attitude towards Cheng Xin changed again, believing that she was a great woman, even if she knew she would suffer endless humiliation, she did not send a signal of destruction to the universe.

2. Attitude towards Luo Ji

Taking Luo Ji's original "curse of the stars" as a chat and laugh after dinner, when he knew that the "Dark Forest" rule had successfully destroyed the 187J3X1 star, he gathered around him and enshrined him as the savior.

Seeing that he was unable to change the water drop's blockade of solar signals, he became the object of public vent and was even expelled by the community. After the deterrence succeeded, Luo Ji became a hero again.

With the feminization of human beings, the humans who grew up in Wenrouxiang began to condemn Luo Ji again and regarded him as destroying the 187J3X1 star system.

The criminal, a tyrant of dictatorship. Immediately after the handover of the sword bearer, Luo Ji was accused of world destruction by the International Court of Justice. No one is grateful for what he has done over the past 60 years and the peace he has brought.

3. For the blue space number

The constant star spacecraft "Blue Space" that survived the water drop attack was considered a traitor to mankind, the ship of darkness because of the suspicion of murdering the same kind. After experiencing the great migration brought by Sophon, mankind regards the blue space members who emit gravitational waves as heroes who save mankind.

But only a few years later, after learning of the miserable end of the Three-body World, he began to hate the "Blue Space" again. It hijacked the "Gravity" and issued a sinful curse on the two worlds. Humans actually hope that the Trisolaran world can hunt it down.

4. No-mind behavior towards safety declarations

After getting a safety statement to avoid being attacked by higher civilizations, humans gave up Sophon's escape proposal and instead made some anti-intellectual behaviors. For example, setting up ultra-high-power radio waves to prepare a safety statement; drinking "neuron blockers" to reduce human intelligence and ensure that humans are mentally retarded; abandoning high technology and returning to the farming era; building large crosses in low earth orbit to pray for the appearance of Mobike miracles.


Human nature is repetitive, human nature is complex, and human nature is diverse. It looks like a joke in the book, but it does exist, just like the entertainment news that can be reversed at any time. I hope that the story in the book is not It really appeared.

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