Martial Peak: The past and present of Yang Kai and Mu

Slaps are always caught off guard. Last second, I thought Yang Kai was going to Mohua to pretend to be Mo disciple. The result was just the daily operation of Momo's water injection. It seemed that I was young. The plot turns 180 degrees, and Momo begins to let Yang Kai and Mu Chu meet, a love-hate dispute that spans thousands of years. Look at the past and present of Yang Kai and Mu!

The love-hate entanglement between Yang Kai and Mu, what happened in those years

At the later stage of the plot, we often complain that Yang Kai is Mo's clone. The two people meet like a Transformer, the finale of the family carnival, and then we will go after another novel. But I never expected that the seemingly calm lake would actually have a lot of water below it and it was choppy, and Yang Kai actually had an unclear relationship with Mu.


Yang Kai went through the restriction, originally thinking that he would directly see Mo Zun's clone, but what we found was a magnificent river of time and space. There are three descriptions of Time and Space River. The first time was in the Secret Phase of Galaxy. Yang Kai strayed into it while evading the king’s pursuit. There were countless visions of heaven and earth. Yang Kai saw Time and Space River for the first time, and the second time. It was in the opportunity of Qiankun Furnace that Yang Kaifa was now full of various avenues at the end of the universe, and he stole another wave of welfare, and later he even realized his own long river of time and space.

The long river in front of me is obviously not self-reliant, so the answer is ready to tell that this long river of time and space is the handwriting of Mu, and this long river of time and space is thicker and longer than Yang Kai. The Great Emperor Qiu Tian grasps the power of devouring, so he is the reincarnation of one of the ten great martial ancestors, so by analogy, wouldn’t Yang Zhuan be the reincarnation of one of the ten great martial ancestors Mu?


Reincarnation in the peak of martial arts is a very mysterious setting. For example, Zhang Ruoxi, the patriarch of the Holy Spirit, in the original setting, Zhang Ruoxi lived in a dilapidated family in the star realm. Later, when the star realm was ruined, Zhang Ruoxi actually had a heavenly punishment. The reincarnation of blood. At the first time, we thought that the person who sealed the holy spirit in the star realm was the heavenly punishment, but judging from the distribution of today’s characters, we are young. Before the fifth-rank ancestor, the bloodline of the heavenly punishment was actually the first light. Master of the Holy Spirit in China.

To observe the growth process of Yang Kai, it is also the existence of atmospheric luck. Although the human race is now in large numbers, there are still no people who master the laws of time and space at the same time. Therefore, Yang Kai is obviously not a grassroots goods, at least he inherited herd. The law of time and space has become the reincarnation of Mu.


To take a step back, even if Yang Kai is not the reincarnation of Mu, it is very likely that Mu's friend, of course, is definitely a joke. It may be that Mu found out that even if he was the head of the ten martial ancestors, but because he was a woman, he couldn't do anything with Wu Mo. Reincarnated and reborn as a man who specializes in dealing with Wu Mo, do you think?

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