A word back then: I am killing gods and beseeching demons in the world of comprehension, do you know the mystery inside?

Today, the number of online novels can be said to be in the tens of millions. They are distributed in the online world like stars. If you want to find a very good and beautiful online novel, you still need to spend a lot of money. Great effort. But this is not difficult for book friends with magical powers, who compile good-looking online novels into paragraphs, and famous lines are widely circulated.

There was a saying among book friends back then: I killed gods and beseeches in the world of comprehension, which attracted a lot of attention and attracted the attention and interpretation of many book friends. Do you know the mystery inside?


If it's book friends who have always liked to read online novels, or old bookworms, they should be able to answer them soon. There is nothing wrong. This sentence contains 4 famous online novels of the year.

"Zhetian" Chen Dong

Chendong's most pinnacle works, whether in terms of text, plot, layout, and structure, have reached the pinnacle level since Chendong's debut. A group of characters were written alive. It uses the Nine Dragons to pull the coffin as a lead to bring out a huge world of prehistoric heroes, with gorgeous text, exquisite layout, and countless pits. The framework of the world is huge, the character descriptions are vivid, and the few strokes are impressive.

Fang Xiang in "Cultivation World"

In the farming cultivation text, the protagonist is only interested in earning spar. Although he has an extraordinary talent for cultivation, the driving force that motivates him to practice hard is spar, and he has a different youth growth enthusiasm. The details are colorful, the setting is more creative, and the paper cranes can be controlled with spells, and the two supporting characters who grow up with the protagonist are shaped very well. The combination of comprehension and reality is very good, but it has inherited Fang Xiang's consistent style, and it is not finished, but it is also a classic!

"God of Slaughter" Ni Chang Tian

In a very famous early dark stream novel, the protagonist used to kill to prove the truth. Only through continuous killing can he gain the power to improve, showing the weak and cruel killings of the world of comprehension to the fullest. The scene is magnificent, the plot is smooth and tortuous, and the killing and proving in one go makes the overall look of the novel quite refreshing.


"Pursuit of the Truth" Er Gen

An extremely depressing online novel, it is also considered by many book friends to be the pinnacle of Ergen's work. It tells the story of the protagonist who is unwilling to control his fate and fights against fate to pursue his true self. Throughout the story, the word love runs through the whole text, and the love is true. The protagonist Su Ming has been trapped by love all his life, and in the end he sacrificed himself to revive everyone. Compared with ordinary Shuangwen, this kind of story can hit people's hearts directly, and it creates a unique artistic conception that makes people want to stop!

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