Recommend three wonderful fantasy novels to book fans

Hello, everyone. I am a panda novel. Recently, many book fans told me that they can't find a good novel to read. How can this be done! Books are our spiritual support. So, today Panda recommends three popular novels to everyone. Friends of the book shortage should hurry up and collect them~


First book: "A Record of a Mortal's Journey to Immortality" Author  Wang Yu

Introduction: An ordinary mountain village kid accidentally entered the local Jianghu school and became a registered disciple. With this capacity, how can he gain a foothold in the sect, how can he enter the ranks of immortal cultivators with mediocre aptitude, so as to be proud of the Three Realms!


At this time, a hint of surprise flashed in Bingfeng's eyes, but immediately, two dazzling white lights spurted out with a mouth.

The green silk was cut off like withered grass in the white light flashing.

Bai Mang showed his true shape just now!

They were actually two small milky white swords, all exuding a faint cold light "Ten Thousand Years Profound Jade!"

Han Li recognized the materials used for the two flying swords at a glance, and frowned at the same time. These cyan spiritual silks were transformed from the glow of the Xuantianding on the surface of his sleeves. It seems that even if it is a Tongtian Lingbao, it is still helpless to take a tenth-level monster based on its fur power alone.

However, he didn't really plan to fight his opponent. As long as he can rush over a distance of more than a hundred meters and enter any of the two smaller teleportation formations, he can leave this place.

Han Li thought so in his heart, his face sinking as he saw the ice phoenix's wings move and he wanted to launch the next round of attack, his body condensed with purple flames, but his figure was blurred and turned into three.

One or three identical phantom suspensions appeared in a flash, and each one was completely green, and there was no way to tell the true or false.


The second book: "Spirit Realm" Author Ni Cang Tian

Introduction: In the vast spiritual realm, there are boundless oceans, many continents, and various creatures and races. They are constantly breaking through themselves, eternally seeking the ultimate mystery between heaven and earth.


Those Valley Masters who came with Shi Jingyun, at this moment, their faces sank like water, and they all moved with murderous intentions.

Because Lu Li wanted them all to die in Qin Lie's hands!

"Seven Evil Valley, from today, will be officially removed!" Qin Lie smiled slightly.

at the same time. An extremely dangerous aura. It gradually climbed from him. And getting stronger and stronger.

"Blood Dragon Yin!"

With five fingers bent, blood beams shot out, quickly condensing into a bloodthirsty and murderous dragon.

The blood dragon is several meters long and is condensed from thick blood.


Amidst the roar, the blood dragon tumbling, rushing towards Shi Jingyun like a fierce spirit.

Shi Jingyun changed color in horror.

A blood dragon condensed by the spiritual power of blood. As soon as it was successfully transformed, the overwhelming strong bloody smell made Shi Jingyun's blood roar.

Qin Lie's soaring momentum gradually became ferocious, and quickly overwhelmed the aura of him and Gu Yang.

This means that Qin Lie's realm is by no means inferior to them!

How is Shi Jingyun not surprised?

When he and Wu Tuo entered the implement sect back then, Qin Lie's realm was only Vientiane at best!

How long is this?

Today's Qin Lie has a realm that is not inferior to him, at least not lower than the peak of Tongyou realm!


The third book: "Peerless Martial God" Author Jing Wu Hen

Introduction: The emperor of martial arts can even look down on the heavens and the earth, smiling at rivers and mountains, shaking the sky and breaking the rocks, and millions of dead bodies. Lin Feng, a strong man of a generation, was born against the sky, and had to pass on the world astonishingly, cultivate martial arts, step into the sky, break the world, and be proud of the sky!


"Mu Chen may die in nine deaths. The Yu family will never allow failure. They may not go to the Jing family's formation, but will only seek to keep their own formations. The other two are the same, and everyone is the same. It is generally believed that the dispute between the Jing family and the Yu family will be the most motivating. They each invited some very outstanding young people to help out."

Lin Feng's complexion was rather unsightly. Since the Jing family promised that Big Brother Ruruo could help him seize the veins, but they imprisoned Big Brother, what does it mean? Hearing what the other party said, he obviously didn't know that Mu Chen was in Jing's house now. This could prove that it was imprisonment.

"In the battle of mines, can you still invite others?"

"Yes, it depends on who has a wider network, and the Jing family has always been the strongest family of formations in Qingshan City, and their network is naturally the most extensive, because the height of their standing itself is high." The other party replied.

"Understood, thank you brother for telling me. Also, there is a black tower in the Jing family, do you know what it is?" Lin Feng asked casually.

"You said that the Black Tower is the place where the Jing family is imprisoned and tortured. People who enter there are always in and out." The other party casually said, causing Lin Feng's pupils to shrink again, and a frightening flash flashed in his eyes. Han Guang, the Jing family, didn't intend to let the big brother participate at all, it was just a cover, the black tower, the place of repeated offenses, there is no going in!

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