Alien civilization may have been born 10 billion years ago, how advanced is it? Liu Cixin guesses boldly!

With the development of science and technology, people are becoming more and more interested in the exploration of the universe. Everyone will always discuss whether there is an alien civilization in the universe?

The scientific community generally believes that the essence of every life is actually a "chemical product", and the synthesis method of this "chemical product" is uncertain, but it is certain that there are three necessary factors: energy, chemical elements and liquidity. water.

We all say that water is the source of life, and this sentence is not fake at all. Liquid water is very suitable for the evolution of life, this is mainly because molecules can melt in the water to form more complex structures.


The first life on earth was produced by this principle. That being the case, there should be many planets in the universe where life may exist, so the existence of alien civilization is almost certain.

The emergence of life on earth is an accident. But from the perspective of the entire galaxy and the universe, the emergence of life is inevitable.

Before the birth of the earth, the universe was already 10 billion years old, and it is not surprising that life was born during this period.

Judging from the beginning of the universe’s birth 14 billion years ago, during the first few million years of the universe’s birth, the temperature was so high that it could burn everything. At this time, life could not appear. About 7000 years later, the temperature dropped and the volume of hydrogen was huge. Clouds formed the earliest stars under the action of gravity.

So some people speculate that about 13.7 billion years ago, these life-giving elements were combined together for the first time.


However, some people’s guesses are bolder. They believe that 15 million years after the Big Bang, the temperature of the universe has dropped to 24 degrees Celsius, which is suitable for the birth of life.

If this hypothesis is true, then there may be a kind of life as old as the universe living in the depths of the universe, and they were born 10 billion years earlier than human beings.

Alien civilization may have been born 10 billion years ago, how advanced is it? Liu Cixin boldly guessed and portrayed

"Three Body" is a novel created by Liu Cixin, a well-known science fiction writer in my country, and the worldview depicted in the book is

It is magnificent, and an advanced alien civilization-Trisolaran civilization appeared in it.

In the book, Trisolarans have a special ability-dehydration. Because the Trisolaran planet is in a harsh environment all year round, the Trisolarans have evolved the ability to be dehydrated. When the weather is bad, they will enter a dehydrated state. , Become a "paper man" without blood and softened bones; when the climate is suitable for survival, they only need to soak in water to live again.

In addition to the evolution of life forms, their technological level is unmatched by earth civilization. In the confrontation with earth civilization, the water droplets developed by the Trisolarans easily destroyed the entire fleet.

Not only that, the Trisolaran people also invented a secret weapon-the proton. In the first part of the novel, the heroine Ye Wenjie responded to the signal from the Trisolaran planet, which eventually caused the earth's coordinates in the universe to be exposed.

However, due to the distance too far, the Trisolarans took the lead in launching "protons" to the earth. The Trisolarans wanted to use "protons" to lock down the development of human science and technology. After the "Proton" came to the earth, it successfully interfered with human research on the "collision experiment" and caused many scientists to commit suicide.

In addition, many concepts mentioned by Liu Cixin are unheard of. Through his own wild imagination, he launched a bold guess about the alien civilization in "Three-Body".


Although it is only a novel, the shock it brings to us is by no means comparable to one or two science fiction movies.

"Three Body" writes the most ethereal and craziest imagination as true as news reports. The book involves not only scientific theories in reality, various law conjectures, but also deep thinking about human nature and philosophy.

Here, I especially recommend friends who have not read "Three-Body" before, and be sure to take a look at this book. After reading it, your entire level of thinking will be qualitatively improved, and both adults and children can read and can gain something.

I believe that after reading this book, you will be shocked by Liu Cixin's magnificent imagination and have a deeper understanding and thinking about the universe and life.

There are 3 books of "Three-Body", namely: "Three-Body I"-The Past of the Earth, "Three-Body II"-Dark Forest, and "Three-Body III"-Death Eternal Life, one is more exciting than the other.

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