Against the Gods: Zhou Xuzi must die in Yun Che's hands. After all, despicable justice is not worthy of justice

In Against the Gods, Zhou Xuzi is a very despised character. On the surface, he is an upright gentleman. In order to protect the living beings in the realm of the gods, he is willing to sacrifice his reputation and prestige to make a sneak attack on Jasmine. Work.

In some people's eyes, Zhou Xuzi is the savior. After Yun Che was driven mad, he immediately pointed his spear at Yun Che. After Yun Che fled, he pointed his spear at Blue Pole Star again, because that was Yun Che's hometown.

In fact, to put it more bluntly, Zhou Xuzi is a respectable hypocrite, a typical double-standard dog.

Yun Che and Jasmine were intolerable only because of their strength, but from the results, Yun Che and Jasmine could be regarded as saviors, and they did not use their power to harm people.

On the other hand, Dragon Emperor, Zhou Xuzi, Nan Wansheng and others, they claim that they are righteous, represent justice, and are good people. As a result, how despicable and indecent they are doing?

Let’s just talk about the Mu Ling clan being annihilated. Wasn’t it done by Nan Wansheng’s son Nan Qianqiu? Doesn't you Zhou Xuzi represent justice and righteousness? Why don't you kill Nan Qianqiu?

After Yun Che showed his magic power, he immediately became the target of the public. Then the question is, why didn't you kill Zhou Qingchen immediately after your Zhou Xuzi's son became a demon?

Even for Zhou Qingchen, Zhou Xuzi's dignified righteous leader, went to make a deal with the Northern Gods.

To put it bluntly, these people are using the so-called right way to cover up their selfishness and prejudice. What they agree with is justice, and what they hate and oppose is evil.

If they are treated with their reasoning, they will find it unreasonable. This is the so-called-double standard.

However, for a person like Zhou Xuzi, will his end be good?

After Yun Che regained the Northern God Territory, the first target he targeted was the Eastern God Territory, and the most ruthless one was the Eternal Heaven King Realm in the Eastern God Territory.

Is it too much? The corpses were all over the field, and the blood was flowing into a river. It looked too much, but what about the fate of Blue Pole Star?

In order to force Yun Che out, the great king realms in the realm of the gods took people to Blue Pole Star. If these people landed on Blue Pole Star, then the fate of Blue Pole Star can be imagined.

Do you think they really went to the Blue Pole Star for Yun Che? Inheritance of Cthulhu, Inheritance of Primordial Azure Dragon, Inheritance of Phoenix and Golden Crow, Little Blue Pole Star, why are there so many secrets?

What will Blue Pole Star look like at that time? One can imagine.

So, in fact, Yun Che should be grateful to Xia Qingyue, at least for giving the Blue Pole Star creatures a good time, so Yun Che also gave the Moon God Realm a good time.

Zhou Xuzi has now gone to the Dragon God Realm, but it does not mean that he has a talisman. On the contrary, the key factor that determines the annihilation of the Dragon God Realm may be Zhou Xuzi.

A person, doing good or evil, is not not repaying, the time has not yet come.

Yun Che's revenge against the three gods is not so much revenge, but it is actually about shaping a new order. A strong person is willing to protect the weak, justice is not a prejudiced order.

This is the same thing as Liu Bang's entry into Xianyang City and the three chapters of the law. Only an order applicable to all living beings can be called justice. At least, knowing gratitude is justice, ungratefulness and gratitude and revenge are not justice.

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