Legion strength and division in The Human Emperor

The Human Emperor is over, and only today I found out that no one has summarized and ranked. The division has existed before, but it is not accurate. Can the Guards be ranked low-precision? Now that some people hope to be able to set a high and low today, let me summarize it.

The White Rock Legion Mengshe Zhaoshishi Shield Legion can stack many defensive auras, which can stabilize morale and improve fighting spirit. The breath of Shiraishi soldiers under the iron shield was looming, like Shiraishi. It is one of several elite regiments under Mengshezhaoge Luofeng, and it is a regiment that imitates the formation of the Datang Infantry Corps. The White Rock Legion had average strength, a little stronger than the Annan Guardian soldiers, and average offensive ability. As long as the Datang infantry adjusted their formation, they would be defeated at once. Strength evaluation: one star. The most elite army under Feng Jiayi of Dragon Tzu Legion, in the Mongolian-Ukraine Allied Forces, the threat level is higher than that of the White Elephant Legion. Under Feng Jiayi's leadership, he has a strong attack power and ability to break formations. No shortcomings. Strength evaluation: four stars.


The most elite army under Gao Xianzhi of the Iron Wall Legion is the elite of Anxi Duhu Mansion. As its name suggests, the Iron Wall Legion stands at the forefront of the Great Tang Army like an iron wall protecting friendly forces, with extraordinary strength. Gao Xianzhi's ability to hold Darius for two months is largely due to this army. Strength evaluation: five stars. The Burkel heavy cavalry regiment is led by Amur, which is considered to be one of Abu Muslim's fine knights, but it is useless. It has been abused by a Datang crossbow once, and it has damaged seven or eight thousand men and horses in one attack. Strength evaluation: three stars. The Iron Beast Legion is led by Khalid, the most valiant under the Abu Muslims. The Iron Beast Legion’s hard armor and powerful aura weaken the effect of the Tang Dynasty Crossbow. At most 3,000 people would be lost in one shot. Especially the Iron Beast Legion, blessed by the Ring of Iron Beasts and the Dark Blood Shield, is terrifying in strength. Strength evaluation: four stars.


Every soldier in the army led by the Wings of Death Numan had a machete that was two-thirds thinner than an ordinary eater soldier. The harvesting ability was extremely strong, but unfortunately his hand was short, and was wiped out by the Datang cart crossbow and trebuchet. Strength evaluation: four stars. The behemoth legion is a powerful legion led by Maisir, the favorite of the Caliphate of the Great Food Empire. There are very few beasts, only five. After the first rhinoceros monster was ground to death, four powerful monsters appeared later, each of which was able to single out the generals. Terrible strength! It's a pity that the Giant Beast Legion has a secret technique that Wang Chong hasn't mastered, otherwise Wang Chong should have a pet army now. Strength evaluation: The elite of the seven-star martial arts army of Longxi Duhu Mansion, powerful, and the breath is like a sword. The Shenwu Army has a strong ability to break formations and offensive power. Strength evaluation: five stars. The Shield Legion is a defensive legion under Qu Debo. Qu Debo, who has always been only for war, will basically not dispatch this legion, but once it is dispatched, it shows that the opponent has powerful destructive weapons. (For example, a crossbow) The Shield Legion has only 10,000 people, but each of them has a durable defense. Qu Dibo's request is to block Qu Dibo's 100 attacks. Strength evaluation: four stars.

There are too many legions, so let's conclude here. If you want to know the strength of other legions, please follow me, I am a panda novel, click on The Human Emperor to read the full text