"Martial God Asura": Chu Feng's first lover, although he is a sweetheart, but a tiger girl!

Up to now, " Martial God Asura" has been updated to more than four thousand chapters, and the plot seems to have only advanced to the middle and late stages.


Like its worldview, the book "Martial God Asura" is also a long serial novel with a huge number of words and chapters in the fiction world.


Although the story of the novel is ups and downs, and the rhythm is interlocking, it is very enjoyable to read.

But when the writer constructed the first heroine, she didn't seem to be very popular.


On the contrary, it caused dissatisfaction with some book fans. The reason is that this woman is really brainless and willful!


She is Su Rou!

The wayward personality of the heroine does not hurt the readers, on the contrary, it can also read the taste of distinctive personality.

After all, the obedient girl who blindly obeys the protagonist does not have many bright spots and images from the reader's perspective.

So most readers can still accept the heroine's somewhat willful character structure, after all, this can somewhat bring some girlish characteristics.

But there is one thing that is very unacceptable to readers, that is, willfulness and arrogance, without knowing the severity!

This happened to Su Rou!

Perhaps most readers have forgotten the plot of the previous period, and are somewhat vague about the plot that occurred in the previous period.

However, the editor only started to read this novel today, but he read a different taste in Su Rou's body.

In the first few chapters of the chapter, the golden fingers in Chu Feng's body were absorbed by the elixir given by his cousin.

Finally reached the state of giving back.

At this time, Chu Feng, after a five-year period of emptiness, finally made a breakthrough, even for several consecutive periods.

It finally ushered in its own high-speed growth period.

Immediately after that, Zongmen started the annual trial competition. This time the competition seemed to be different. The inner door elder Su Rou directly came out to preside over the competition!

And this time the reward for the first place is several times richer than before.

This must be coveted by everyone, among which the favorites to win the championship are the talented young Yang Tianyu and the old Youtiao Duan Yuxuan!

Under the light of these two people, Chu Feng, the protagonist, is naturally not worth mentioning. Perhaps the protagonist’s character in the early stage is a bit problematic.

Chu Feng's appearance inexplicably provokes a ridicule!

Chu Feng naturally ignored them, after all, they didn't know, and he could win the championship this time!

Time was pushed to the middle of the trial, when everyone’s attention was on Duan Yuxuan and Yang Tianyu,

Chu Feng finally found a quick breakthrough, and immediately got lucky. Its speed is so fast that even when passing by the genius boy, he has not clearly seen what it is whizzing past!

While everyone was still struggling to dodge the cave mechanism, Chu Feng had already reached the finish line, where the prizes of the competition were placed on the stone tablets.

If you want to get the reward, you have to defeat a fierce beast.

And Su Rou and others in the observation room naturally noticed that someone had arrived successfully, which shocked them very much!


The reason for the shock is naturally not because some people have reached the end point, but the shock is that some people can reach the end smoothly in such a short period of time!

This is a speed that has never been seen in previous years!

This moment naturally made Su Rou feel interesting. Originally, the fierce beast only released a joint attack when everyone reached the end.

But Su Rou really didn't think so! She wanted to see how capable this first place was, so she had the idea of watching a big show.

So she opened the control mechanism that held the beast without authorization, and wanted to make this first place suffer a bit!

But the accident still happened! Since it was the first time she came to host the competition, she was not very familiar with the control of the organs.

But she still activated the agency control and released the beast.

Her press made the elders next to them pale!

Because she pressed the button to bet all the beasts!

Under the reminders of the elders, she finally realized the seriousness of the matter, maybe the disciples inside would be in danger!

But she didn't feel guilty for her rashness, but scolded the elders for not telling her in time!

Facing Su Rou's backlash, because of her status and honor, they also had troubles and couldn't tell, so they had to rush to the trial ground non-stop!

On Chu Feng's side, he was stunned for a while at the swarms of fierce beasts that suddenly emerged! Is it only one end? !


There are as many as twenty or thirty heads, and they are all second-order or even fourth-order!

If it weren't for Chu Feng's recovery, thanks to the power of the Nine Colors God Thunder, then maybe "Martial God Asura" would be over here!

When Su Rou and the others arrived, they only saw Chu Feng leaving behind, and the scene before them really made them unbelievable. The dead beasts were lying everywhere!

In the end, Su Rou was also relieved. But its arrogant and willful personality also left a bad impression!

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