Pig Nerd's "Tales of Herding Gods", it would be perfect without looking back

Some people say that "Tales of Herding Gods" is a masterpiece, while others criticize it as a general novel that has been highly praised. If it weren't for the author's constant return to the past through difficult substances, it would have caused the writing to be garish and hazy, and the whole story would be a bit collapsed, it is indeed a classic masterpiece. Throughout the past two years of online writing, in the time period when some old Internet greats continued to connect their novels and ate their old books, "Tales of Herding Gods" allowed us to solve the problem of book shortage.


It was amazing to read "Tales of Herding Gods" for the first time, and it was still very good after leaving the village. After the second chapter, because the layout was too big, some loopholes appeared, and then the protagonist went back to the past time and time again, through changing the past To influence the present, this is really hard to understand. You are now because of the past. You go back to the past and change history. Can you still be there? Because this is a history of struggle, the intention is to stand up amidst the blood and struggle of generations, never admit defeat, never bow your head, how can you go back to the past and change the status quo? Isn't this a step backward?


In the beginning of the old village in Daxu, don’t go out in the dark, but a cry of a baby broke the tranquility of the night. Granny Si found the baby by the Yongjiang River and brought it back to the village, because she was deceived by the village chief to become a tyrant because she had no spiritual roots. A legendary life. The story in the village is my favorite, and there is a sense of martial arts here. The characters of the disabled in the village are very different and interesting. Each person represents the pinnacle of one aspect.

Later, after walking out of the market, he became the leader of the demon sect because of the sister-in-law's relationship. Follow Wu Khan into the Golden Palace, crushing everything alone. Later, the Yankang rebellion led the demon god to the lower realm, beheaded the prince, and became a new generation of emperor. Later, on the way to find Wuyou Township, he revealed his identity as the bereaved family of Kaihuang.


The writing technique of "Tales of Herding Gods" is very skillful and novel, which is different from that of playing this map and then going to another map to continue. "The Legend of the Faun" is a map that is not finished, it will lead to another plot, and finally all the maps are combined into one. Like a lotus, it is inlaid layer by layer, and finally falls into the center of the entire background.

The book is very good in terms of conception, plot and writing. The settings are grand and the details are wonderful. It's just that the protagonist is too open, unable to hold on to his personality, and the character shaping is not enough. On the contrary, the supporting roles are eye-catching. It's like the five little knights and the golden saints in "Saint Seiya".

If these alone are not enough to praise "Tales of Herding Gods", because of the high level of thinking, it is separated from the Internet. Perhaps many people sneered at it, saying that web posts are web posts, don’t you just have fun? There is no ideological connotation. I cannot agree with this. Writing is expressing expressions and expressing ideas. It is an art form that expresses the author's ideas. As long as it is not the kind of no-brain irrigation, it more or less reflects the author's worldview.


"Tales of Herding Gods" embodies the words that have been passed down through the ages: "Establish a heart for the world, for the life of the people, for the sacred and sacred learning, and for the peace of all ages." The novel is a history of struggle through the establishment of a fantasy world. The modern history of the reality of the revolution, prosperity and power. Generations of sages led the people to fight, and the protagonist Qin Mu was one of them, just letting the author open the door. Since the emergence of human beings, there have been conflicts of interests, and different interest groups have formed different classes. The ancient gods represent the rulers who once squeezed the people. The world is just the pasture of the gods. Every reform, every revolution is suppressed by the rulers. There are countless sages and countless blood for the survival of these born creatures. .

Many people compare "Tales of Herding Gods" with "Perfect World". It is the same village and the same struggle to get out of the village, but the plots are very different. To say which one is better, it's up to the benevolent to see the benevolence, and the wise see the wisdom. Overall, "Tales of Herding Gods" is very worth recommending, and for the loopholes mentioned above, it is only a point that is unacceptable to individuals. Of course, everyone will have their own opinions and opinions, and maybe some people think it is good.

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