Have you read the classic novels of I Eat Tomatoes?

You are welcome to walk into this article during your busy schedule, and your favorite friends can bookmark it! Today, Panda Novels recommends four I Eat Tomatoes novels, which are worth watching!

About the Author

I Eat Tomatoes, network author, columnist of starting point, platinum writer, won the title of Light of the Great God of Starting Point

Originally named Zhu Hongzhi, was born in 1987 in Jiangsu Province, China. Since childhood, he likes to read martial arts novels. He was once fascinated by the martial arts world created by Jin Yong, Wo Longsheng and Gu Long.


1 "Stellar Transformations"

Brief description of the article: This is a story of a child who was born unable to practice. In order to get his father's attention, he resolutely chose to practice painful external skills. When this child became a young man, a spar transformed from a meteor-Meteor Tears, changed his destiny. Unknowingly, the meteor was integrated into his body, and it followed It was his cocoon-like change. The father finally knew the true strength of his son.


2 "Swallowed Star"

Brief description of the article: Luo Feng, who was injured and pale, sat cross-legged on a flying meteorite, looking at a lifeless planet in the distance. This planet contains the "Star Tears Gold" mineral vein. If I swallow it, my skill should be restored to 80% of the level before the injury, he thought.


3"Lord Xue Ying"

Brief description of the article: The breathing process of the deep sea monster forms a never-ending storm, and the giant formed by lava can destroy a city with one foot. When the abyssal demon wanted to invade this world, the messenger of light came to the world to spread his brilliance. In the human empire notified by the Xia Empire, the mages were buried in the mages tower and never came out of the tower. There is a very humble aristocratic territory in this empire called Xueying Ling! The story begins here!


4"Coiling Dragon"

Brief description of the article: In this vast magical world, there are building-sized blood-eyed mane lions, purple-eyed golden-haired apes with super power, Hydra emperor that can destroy the world, and thunder dragon carriers that can destroy thunder dots. ability. In this world, the strong can stand on the head of the dragon. Magic can burn rivers. This book tells the story of a young man with a "panlong ring"!

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