The universe is so big, will there really be a fairy-cultivating universe like in the novel?


The universe has a history of 13.8 billion years. In such a long period of time, it is enough to cause any extremely powerful civilization to die out several times. The development history of our human beings flashes by like a meteor.

In such an ancient history, many scientists are not calm when studying it.

According to the inflation theory, there are many universes, and the situation in each universe is different. There may also be an identical earth in another universe, exactly the same you.

There may be such a planet where people admire self-cultivation. They live on high-gravity planets and are short in size. They admire physical exercises, which can make their bodies lighter, so that they can leap, jump, and walk over walls.

There may also be a cultivating universe like the one in the novel

The cosmic environment should be like a big society now. There are fat people, thin people, tall people, short people, blacks and whites. Civilization also has technological civilization, religious civilization, and some cultivation. Civilization, because different environments in the universe will give birth to different civilizations, it also has the diversity of civilizations.


The human body contains a lot of energy. For example, we often talk about the development of the brain. Many people think that the brain is only 10% developed. If it is 99% developed, our brain will be very smart and can also release consciousness. This is actually That is to cultivate in a certain sense.

Some people say that after death, only the body dies and the soul ascends to heaven. The energy body that is separated from the human body, that is, the soul, will go to another dimension and survive in another way. Perhaps each dimension will live with different energy bodies, but our understanding of dimensions has not yet a correct scientific explanation.

In ancient times, there were legends of eminent monks or Taoist priests sitting and ascending to heaven. In fact, immortal cultivators use the spiritual energy of heaven and earth to change their energy bodies, so that they leave their bodies to live in another dimension. According to the dimensions divided by some people, comprehension should be four-dimensional, which is beyond the three-dimensional we currently recognize.

The reason why we feel that the cultivation of civilization is an unrealistic concept is that we are based on the development of scientific and technological civilization. In our world, the potential of the human body is only so great that we must rely on technology, such as spaceships, weapons, and even nuclear energy. , These things can lead mankind to explore the universe.

In short, the universe is very large and may be infinite. I think it exists, but we don't know it.

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