Fantasy novel "Martial God Asura": All beings in the world regard me as Shura, and I use Shura to become a god of war!

"Martial God Asura" by Kindhearted Bee

Type: fantasy, fantasy


Regarding potential, it is not considered a genius, but profound arts and martial arts can be mastered without a teacher.

In terms of strength, even if you have thousands of treasures, you will definitely not be able to defeat our world spirit army.

who am I? All beings in the world regard me as Shura, but they don't know that I use Shura to become a god of war.

Personal feeling

In fact, the god of war is a very beautiful novel. The god of war is really good. He wrote about Chu Feng’s path of preaching and his love with Zi Ling and others. The bees, we all worship you, not blind worship. It is because the Valkyrie touched us and made us understand a lot of truths.


First of all, in terms of the story, this book is absolutely fascinating and interesting. This main line has not deviated, and it is well interlocked and fascinating. The perfection of the story is impeccable. It's just that the plot of some bystanders does not need to appear, otherwise it will affect the excitement of the story. Secondly, Fengda's storytelling ability is very strong, and the sense of substitution is very strong, leaving people with room for imagination, especially the fighting scenes, which makes people excited and can't stop watching.

I haven’t read this novel for a few years. To tell the truth, I really like this book. I don’t know when it was. It seems that there was a break in the period. It’s about the same as it is now. I count how much I owe every day. Chapter, and then updated every day also can not come out. But I still like to watch Chu Feng, so I started from the first chapter and read it again. After a long time, many plots have been forgotten

In fact, after watching it for so long, I have always supported this "Martial God Asura" and I really like the plot inside. Because I am not following the latest chapters, I occasionally see what the bees think of those readers.

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Many people are urging, in fact, writing itself is not an easy task. Just like when we write a essay and want to get a high score, will we think about it carefully, and then modify the improper points after we have written it?

Of course, this is understandable, because we also want your own writing to be recognized by people who read it, and it's also an explanation to yourself, so we don't choose to write casually and rashly.

Similarly, the author is also very responsible for this book, and wants the majority of Valkyrie fans to recognize it. If the author writes whatever he thinks of, is there something missing that we are expecting? Perhaps it is the author's serious attitude towards the work, or it may be something else. Having said so much, in fact, it means that writing is not easy, support the author!

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