Do you know the specific differences between fantasy novels, cultivation novels, and fairy-xia novels?

The core routines of the three types of fantasy novels, cultivation novels, and fairy-xia novels are all cultivated and upgraded in the otherworld continent, so as to reach the pinnacle of this world, and look down upon all sentient beings. The most recent popular phrase is to reach The realm of beings.


The essence of these three types of novels is fantasy novels, but the writing elements are different. Let's talk about them in detail below:

Fantasy novels originally meant "fantasy novels based on metaphysics." The so-called metaphysics is not Wei Jin metaphysics, but metaphysics opposed to science. It is also metaphysics, that is, the theory that explores the fundamental principles of the universe. It includes ancient Chinese feng shui numerology, martial arts strategy, alchemy, Confucianism and Buddhism, ghosts and spirits, as well as Western mythology, modern witchcraft, plus science fiction, or special functions.

There are so many fantasy novels in China, and the creators have many strange ideas, and they have already incorporated these various elements into them. From this, other styles and types of works were derived, such as cultivation novels, fairy-xia novels, and prehistoric novels.


The term cultivating true self in cultivating novels refers to seeking the true self, removing the false and keeping the true, also known as cultivating the immortal, and cultivating the inner alchemy. This type of novel is characterized by an obvious classification of cultivation levels. The originator's "Journey of the Piaomiao" has drawn a clear training route for this type of work, which is probably the practice of Qi, building foundations, and gold cores that readers often see. , Yuan Ying, Du Jie and other similar realms, have also begun to pay attention to the importance of magic weapons and pill talisman to enhance their strength.

So far, Xiuzhen novels have constructed a set of logical and reasonable background systems with a complete world view. Every author can build the world he wants on the basis of this system. It can be seen that most of the current cultivation novels are changing the soup without changing the medicine. Although the story background, world structure, and training system are different, the development direction of the story is similar.

At the same time, the conception and imagination of cultivation novels are even more eclectic, as mentioned in the introduction of "Mistaken Journey": "Maybe we will see the continuation of ancient China; maybe we will see advanced civilization; maybe we will see alluring magic weapons; maybe You will see the remains of fairies; you may see ancient castles in the Western Middle Ages; you may see all kinds of weird and strange beasts; this is the journey of drifting."

Cultivation novels are illusory and mysterious, and there are often soaring plots. At this time, the elements of Eastern thought in the novel have greatly increased. I like to talk about the characters in Taoist myths. It is easy to appear ancient gods such as Emperor Tian, Fuxi, Zhu Rong, and Gonggong, as well as God of creation, rule of time and space.

The frequent battles of the emperor of heaven, catastrophes of sentient beings, and even strange continents, travel through time and space, interstellar wars, the subject matter is basically unfettered, so it is easier to be accepted by young people.


Let's talk about fairy tale novels

This type of novel mainly tells the story of people cultivating immortals, with the background of ancient oriental elements (such as sects, heavenly spirits, treasures, etc.), and has a fixed story frame structure. The war can only be written as the War of Three Thousand Worlds and the Thirty-Three Heavens).

Although there is also a division of the realm of cultivation, it is not based on pure pursuit of strength as the main line, but also pays attention to a kind of fairy rhyme.

Pay attention to the feelings of human beings and vicissitudes of life to understand the way of heaven and earth, just like martial arts, emphasizing the word "xia". The difference is that the male protagonist is no longer in the rivers and lakes, but in a world of immortal spirits, freely and freely, horizontally and horizontally.

If the novel about cultivation is an encyclopedia of cultivation, the male protagonist is like a machine that keeps cultivating, and is omnipotent. He likes to slap his face and pretend to be forced; while Xian Xia is more like writing a life record of cultivating immortals with the male protagonist in it. The ups and downs of life, the feelings of gratitude and enmity, and the collision of values compatible with righteous and hardships;

At the same time, the male protagonist of Xianxia novels is like a mage, and he pays attention to long-range attacks. He will use talisman, magic weapon and other foreign objects. Unlike other fantasy novels, the male protagonist is more like a warrior and pays more attention to close combat.

Seeing this, everyone should be able to understand the difference and relationship between fantasy novels, fantasy novels, cultivation novels, and fairy-xia novels.

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