The three-body civilization in the novel is like this

The three-body civilization in the novel is a civilization that is technologically advanced and can’t lie (of course, this is a comparison with human civilization, compared to a great god-level civilization, it can only be hehe), when Ye Wenjie received the three-body civilization’s "Don’t," No, don’t answer "When the earth is at a time when the two superpowers of the United States and the Soviet Union each draw up their camps to dominate the world, mankind has not yet continued the consciousness of civilization, and at this time the Trisolaran people can already sail interstellar and are for the continuation of civilization. Struggling hard.

The Trisolaran civilization seems to be based on fossils, because 199 civilizations were destroyed by the irregular movement of the three suns before it. Of course, the Trisolaran civilization at this time and the past 199 civilizations may not be the same species. , Just like humans and dinosaurs. Therefore, the sense of crisis of the three bodies is very strong, and the scale of their consideration of problems is thousands of years or longer.

Trisolaran civilization also has a tough and extremely rational character. In the harsh trisolaran environment, even with highly developed technology, in order to continue civilization, even if they sacrifice literature, art, and love, every trisolaran person will change. Part of the survival of society is also not hesitating!


Trisolaran civilization, in the two-dimensional expansion of protons to make sophons, did not hesitate to risk being reduced to a zero-dimensional singularity to engulf the galaxy, but also to try. It can be seen that Trisolarans desire for the continuation of civilization, and their civilization seems to be It is an existence without the concept of country and country. The entire planet lives in a united society. Their extinction on a large time scale is only the change between civilization and civilization or between species and species, so they have strong in their bones. The belief in fighting against fate, this kind of obsession is unimaginable in the global village. This has also led to Trisolaran civilization’s desire for a stable living environment, and this desire has also led to Trisolaran civilization not being able to coexist with earth civilization.

The reason why the three-body civilization has its current glory is slowly accumulated in the change of civilization. However, the speed of human development in Trisolaran’s eyes has a terrible ability to accelerate evolution. In order to prevent the Trisolaran fleet from rushing to the solar system to die after 400 earth years, the ETO organization in the first part appeared to be destroying and destroying. The story of Tomoko's blockade of the basic physics of the earth.

In the era of deterrence, humans need Trisolaris technology, but Trisolaris is obsessed with human literature and movies. Their super learning ability and literary literacy also surprised the people of the earth. Although culture takes time to settle, it can The creation of the three bodies is not like beginners, their works have been highly praised on the earth (I suspect that Yun Tianming also played a certain role, because in the first year of deterrence, Yun Tianming's brain may have been resurrected by the three bodies!) .


The Trisolaran’s enthusiasm for human culture should also be a study of human thought and an analysis of human deterrence capabilities. After all, it is human thought rather than technology that can threaten the three bodies from beginning to end.

The emergence of the Trisolaran world slowly made humans realize the darkness of the universe and the desire for the continuation of civilization, but it was too late, because the god of death had already extended the Soul Slashing Blade to the earth and the Trisolaris, two infant civilizations. !

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