On the cultivation system in the novel. Power is illusory, soul is real

Friends who love to read online novels know that many novels will contain surreal things.

Correspondingly, the authors of various online novels also learned from each other and merged with each other, gradually forming a diversified surreal power system, which I call all here-the super power system.

If you read a lot of novels, you can find that the super power systems in many novels are more powerful than one, and one is more exaggerated.

For example: You said that the highest level of cultivation in your novels is to control the world, then the highest level in my novels is to transcend the universe. You say you can pass through another world with your soul, and you can cross the world with me.

And this has also led to bigger and bigger brain holes and stronger power systems in our novels. So much so that the authors of the fantasy novel industry are secretly competing in these fields, it seems that whoever has the big brain can win.

However, in the world of fantasy novels, this is also true. Whoever has a big brain, whose novel is creative, whose novel is refreshing, can attract more readers.

However, most novel authors have gradually become obsessed with the power system of writing, while ignoring the soul system.


Since then, Shuangwen has become popular, and most of the protagonists' cultivation roads have become conspiracies and roads.

Smart authors will often innovate and make people applaud for the ups and downs of the sad heart story.

Ordinary authors can only get lost in that bad routine without realizing it, causing no one to care about it.

If you are a fantasy novel author who is worrying that no one reads your novel, then you have to read the author's text carefully.

Where is the way out for fantasy novels in the future, and will Shuangwen still prevail?

There is no doubt that if Shuangwen loses innovation, it will eventually lose most of its audience because of its hollowness.

Everyone knows why someone will watch Shuangwen. Because many people feel that it can refresh themselves. With strength, everything can be crushed, and wisdom can be used to hide things from the sky. The world is the only one who is the protagonist, acting recklessly, breaking through the stereotypes, how to be upset?

However, I believe that as people's thinking matures, no one will continue to read soulless cool texts.

With the fatigue of human aesthetics, the Shuangwen market will become smaller and smaller. Eventually it was occupied by Shuangwen with a thought soul system.

And what does Shuangwen with a thoughtful soul look like? It will let you see its shocking thought and emotional connotation beyond reality, instead of just pushing it horizontally. It will show the protagonist's excellent soul, not a powerful force.


The author seems to remember that many Xiuxian novels emphasize the cultivation of the soul. And link the cultivation of the soul with the possession of power.

Because of this, there will be demons in many power system novels. However, as far as the author is concerned, they are only embellishing the system of power practice with the practice of the superficial soul.

The protagonists they wrote have indeed experienced the tempering of their souls, but they did not feel their protagonist's character and inner growth. They were still brainless and occasionally spontaneously pretended to be an idiot.

Now, the author often sees that a novel with a soul has appeared in today's novel world.

However, their practice system is still a power system.

The author is thinking about why he wants to describe the power system deliberately.

Although power is powerful, reality is illusory; although soul is illusory, reality really exists.

Why don't we imitate the spiritual practice of the ancients and create novels about the soul system and the system of cultivating the mind? This is a system that has never been developed in today's novels, and it is also a response to the needs of improving moral cultivation in the current era.

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