There are two insurmountable "peaks" in Chendong's novels. Who do you think they are?

Who is the strongest in Chendong's novels, I'm afraid no one can convince anyone? It is not clear in the same novel, let alone in different novels, in different systems.

Some people think it is a group of four in the tomb of the gods, because Chen Dong wrote a sentence in the novel: the highest state that the human body can reach. All of a sudden, the character's combat power was raised to the highest level.

Everyone knows that the protagonists of Chendong's novels are basically pure humans. Although sometimes they have different bloodlines, they are ultimately human bloodlines. Not a mess of animal blood. The human body can reach the highest state undoubtedly sums up everything. So is it really the strongest?


First of all, the sky is not convinced, the way of heaven in the tomb of the gods is the strongest. But the Dao of Heaven is nothing in Zhetian. In the later stage, Ye Hei trampled on Ten Thousand Dao alone, and the Dao of Heaven had to surrender in front of him. The strongest in the tomb of God is Tiandao, and the strongest group of four is not Tiandao's opponent. Obviously, whether the strongest group of four is the strongest is debatable.

The perfect world is even more dissatisfied, the world is not just talking. In comparison, the world structure of the tomb of the gods seems too small. It seems that the six worlds are not very different from the six planets. It is not even comparable to the world of Zhetian, let alone a perfect world that is billions of times larger than the world of Zhetian. In terms of the world view, the perfect world will win. Of course, if kidney deficiency is added, it will be another matter. The sacrificial sea is countless times larger than the boundary sea, and the world suddenly expands to the heavens and all realms.


Since it is said to be a trilogy, it only makes sense to put it in the same frame of realm. Otherwise, the highest ceiling for covering the sky would be a Red Dust Fairy, whose level in perfection can't even match that of the Fairy King, and the Fairy King is cannon fodder in the perfect world. Even the upper limit of the perfect world is just the immortal emperor, and the immortal emperor is not cannon fodder in the holy ruins, but also a lot.

In the holy ruins, it is said that there are two insurmountable peaks on the earth, which are undoubtedly Huang and Ye Hei. In addition, there will be three war correspondents. To be a digression, it seems that the most powerful thing in many novels is the earth, hahahaha.

So in all Chendong's novels, who are the two insurmountable peaks?

First of all, the first one is Dugu Defeat. The first taboo god of the ancient times, an insurmountable monument, the true god of the gods. This is the evaluation in the tomb of the gods. Why is he an insurmountable peak? Here is not combat power but merit. There are three others who are on par with him, saying that he is the strongest and cannot find reliable evidence to prove it, but I tend to be the strongest in Dugu.


Why is it not Dugu Defeating Heaven is an insurmountable peak? Because Dugu Defeating Heaven is the biggest driving force for the ultimate success of all beings. Although the other shore was first discovered by the demon master, the truth about the destruction of sentient beings by the way of heaven was also discovered by the demon master.

But later they failed to destroy the sky several times. It was because of insufficient preparation, and even some teammates turned back and fell short of success. If Dugu Baitian hadn't dragged Qingtian and Chaos King and the others, the time and space god would not be able to open the time and space channel to send the gods away leaving hope.

After Dugu defeated the sky, it was even more planning for an eternal plan to destroy the heavens, and even his son took care of it. Take Chennan's body as the tomb to absorb the power of sentient beings. Finally, he wiped out Heaven's Path in one fell swoop. Dugu Defeating Heaven is the true pinnacle, and he is worthy of this pinnacle.

The second place is drought. Without the relatively perfect world left by Shi Hao's arbitrariness for eternity, it would be difficult for future generations to develop. Like Dugu Defeating Heaven in the Tomb of God, Huang was not the first person to hit that plateau, but he was the one with the most variable. The woman on the pollen road had fought on the plateau before, but they failed. But Huang tried it more than once, until later he realized the truth and realized that he couldn't destroy it with his own power. Begin to lay out slowly, and then there will be people who will continue to resurrect in future generations. The peak is well-deserved.

Lonely defeating the sky and famine are the people who have affected the entire historical process, and they are well-deserved peaks. Honestly speaking, no matter how strong the combat power is, no matter how great the merit is, you have to stand aside.

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